The Art of Knitting

Month: December, 2011

Dusseldorf in Black and White


Treasured souvenirs from Cologne – hand blown glass ornaments. The glass ornaments are made in Germany by brothers; Rolf Schrade specializes in ornaments, Rainer Schrade designs jewelry. Here is a link to the Glaswerk Galerie blog. Watch this video to see Rolf at his craft.


Sign at the Gnome Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany. This way to the artisan’s workshops. Handwerker – artisan, craftsman. Gasse – lane, a cobbled street.


Felted ornaments at the Köln Christmas Markets. Offered by ní-kí.


A highlight of our trip was the Gnome Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany. Many vendors told us the same story. According to folklore, the Heinzelmännchen (gnome-like creatures) lived unseen in craftsmen’s workshops – tailors, carpenters, shoemakers, weavers. At night, they helped the craftsmen to sew or carve or perhaps knit so that the shop owners […]