My First Handspun Yarn!

by Verónica

I finally took the plunge. I pulled a lovely white 100% Merino Wool from my fiber stash and started spinning. First, I took the wool and pulled it apart into long thin strips. Then I gently drafted the fibers.

They ended up looking like big cinnamon rolls.

I took out my brand new turkish spindle, attached a leader, and started pulling on the fiber as I turned the spindle clockwise.

My first batch is a bit thick but I’ve read that this is standard for first-time spinners. As I kept spinning, I found I could produce a thinner yarn.

I just have to practice.

This was my first hank! It’s sort of a mini-hank but I am so pleased!

I only had 4 oz. of wool and was able to spin three mini-hanks for a total of 82 yards. I think my yield will be better as my spinning skills improve.

Now I just have to dye it!

My takeaways:

(1) Spinning is way cool.

(2) I must get more fiber.

(3) I need a spinning wheel.