My Very Own Ladybug

by Verónica

A very large box arrived at my doorstep the other day.

After much angst and deliberation, I ordered my very own spinning wheel. (Actually, I placed the order but it was a Mother’s Day gift from my husband extraordinaire).

I carefully laid out the parts.

There was a little assembly required. I wish I could say it was easy but not so. Not all the parts are labelled on the assembly diagram. This could have been simpler but the husband extraordinaire figured it out. Isn’t she beautiful?

Why I chose the Schacht Ladybug: The modern look appealed to me. It’s portable with built-in handles. The weight – neither too light or heavy – keeps it sturdy. It’s a good size – I can easily store it in a corner. The breadth of spinning ratios ranged from 7:1 to 12.5:1 (with the included fast and medium whorls) and can be expanded to slow (5:1 & 6:1) and high speeds (14:1 & 16:1) with additional flyer whorls.

I went with a double treadle (personal preference). Schacht is one of several reputable makers of spinning wheels. Each wheel is hand crafted in Colorado.

Plus it came with my very own ladybug.

The cost was in the mid-range of the wheels I researched – not cheap but didn’t break the bank either.

Now, I need to stop ogling her and actually take her out for a spin. (Yes, pun intended).