Oodles of Needles

by Verónica

Over the years, I have accumulated all sizes and types of knitting needles. I prefer to keep them all together to avoid rummaging through baskets and drawers in search of the right size. This needle organizer from Lantern Moon does the trick. First of all, I like the look of it with the two complementary fabrics. Beyond the aesthetics, it is quite useful. By opening it and laying it out flat, I have a birds-eye view of all my tools.

I can insert my circular needles in the center pockets. I place them from largest to smallest circumference, top to bottom. The right flap has long narrow slits for my straight needles, double-pointed needles and crochet hooks.

The left flap has a zippered pouch for all my various and sundry notions – scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, pom pom maker, stitch holders, etc.

When I’m on the go or just need to stow it, I can roll it up into a neat bundle and wrap it closed. The inner flap helps keep everything nicely tucked inside.

I have had this particular organizer for several years. I’ve had to stitch up the tie once (I tied the bow too tightly) but otherwise it has held up very well. I’m quite pleased with my needle caddy. It works for me. How do you keep your needles straight?