Agujas. Needles. I grew up watching my grandmother create beautiful afghans with a single crochet hook and a twist of her hand. I would sit at her side and crochet one long chain after another with her colorful balls of yarn. Years later, I learned to knit, to tejer, but with two agujas and I became entranced by the soothing “click click” rhythm of the needles.

Today, I find knitting in unexpected places. There are knitting loops in furniture design, fashion runways, art installations, and even wrapped around trees. Knitting has moved from the parlor to the coffee shop and a new crop of textile designers has arrived on the scene.

Agujas Blog is devoted to the art of knitting. Its purpose is to showcase natural fibers, hand-spinning, vibrant yarns, knit design, and the tools of the trade.

This isn’t your grandmother’s knitting anymore.