On this day, we give thanks

The day is beautiful and mild. All the windows in the house are open to let in the fresh air. The smell of onions and celery sautéing in the kitchen hang in the air with the promise of feasting.

Outside, it’s quiet but every time the wind blows, the neighbor’s trees shake loose their acorns and they roll down our rooftop and land in the driveway with a plop! My husband shakes his head. He swept up all the acorns this morning.

He scooped them all up in a box for me. I think these can be used to dye wool…

We are so thankful …

for our family, both near and far
for our children
for honest work that sustains us
for the love that binds us
for the cease-fire
(not taking sides, just tired of seeing the bodies of dead children)
for the promise of tomorrow.

Wishing all who read this peace, love and joy.