Toy Shoppe and Needlework

When we took our son to college orientation sometime mid-summer, I had an opportunity to stop by a store I had been wanting to visit for some time. I am so glad I did. Ewe and Eye is as enchanting inside as it is outside.

Ewe & Eye - Toy Shoppe

Stepping inside Ewe and Eye is like walking into a fairyland. They carry the prettiest toys from all over the world. Their life-like dolls are just the right size for swaddling. There is a full array of Paddington Bears from England and all shapes and sizes of hand crafted whimsical fairies in almost every room.

Ewe & Eye - Rabbit

Ewe & Eye - Carousel Horse

Each room has delightful surprises and a curated selection of unique toys.


Just look at this incredible Wizard of Oz collection!

Ewe & Eye - Oz


Now what could be more perfect than a toy store that carries yarn?

Ewe & Eye - Needlework

They carry a lovely selection of yarns including Rowan, Prism and all colors and weights of Colinette, among many others. They even had yarn dolls.


Mr. Jimmy, the Owner and Toy Man Extraordinaire (really, it says so on his business card) was charming and quite knowledgable about the yarn inventory. He can also tell you about every line of toys they carry. After perusing the store and chatting with this delightful gentleman, I selected these skeins to take home with me. Just look at this chunky raspberry gorgeousness.

Ewe & Eye - Raspberry Yarn

This ridiculously soft skein is to become a pair of socks for my husband.


If you are ever in Boerne, stop by Ewe and Eye and say hi to Mr. Jimmy.

Goats, and Alpacas, and Sheep! Oh My!

The Kid’N Ewe Fiber Festival took place at the Kendall County Fairgrounds in Boerne, Texas. The 23rd annual festival provided “quality supplies and equipment to crafts people, and share[d] knowledge about fiber producing plants and animals.” Source: 2011 Festival Guide. Highlights included: the animals, natural fibers, spinning and weaving tools and classes, dyeing techniques, and the resulting yarn. Here is a peek into the weekend festivities.

Texas-raised kid mohair goat. Playful toddler with soft, curly locks that are sheared twice a year. He kept butting his head against my legs and would not stand still! Cute little guy.
Kid'N Ewe Fiber Festival 2011
Alpacas in three shades of color.
Kid'N Ewe Fiber Festival 2011
Contestant in the South Central Llama Association (SCLA) Youth Show.
The competition.
Kid'N Ewe Fiber Festival 2011
Partially sheared but still displaying long locks.
Kid'N Ewe Fiber Festival 2011
Best in Show.

The 2011 festival was sponsored by the South Central Llama Association, the State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers, and the Texas Cashmere Association. You can read about the festival’s history here.

Kid'N Ewe Festival 2011 - LOGO

{Logo image source}