After returning from a trip to Toronto a few years back, my husband presented me with this humongous hank of luscious kid mohair. It’s 450 meters of beautifully soft lime green yarn from Fleece Artist. I wound it into this gigantic ball of fluff.

Fleece Artist Kid Mohair

I started knitting a drop stitch shrug from a pattern book called Parisienne by Colinette. It’s the one called Montmartre.



I was almost half way done when I put it down … a couple of years ago. Here’s part of the sleeve.

Unfinished Mohair Sleeve

I could not figure out where I left off and the pattern is rather convoluted due to the increases. Plus, from where I stopped, I needed to start decreasing in pattern and completely forgot my sequencing, despite my margin notes.

Frogging in Progress

These two smaller yarn balls are the unravelled evidence of my procrastination.