Spurts of Knitting

Somehow between running multivariate regressions, drawing supply and demand curves, case studies and five forces analyses, I found time to knit.

The projects took longer to complete as I fit in spurts of knitting between exams and assignments. These socks started out at Mom’s house so it was fitting that they be for her.

This is the first time I used a Schoppel Crazy Zauberball and what a joy it was to knit. The colorway is Papagei (parrot). The colors flowed into each other languorously. Row by row, the transitions morphed into rich textured colors.

Knitting these socks was like a process of discovery wondering what the next color combination would look like.

These were a labor of love knitted in small spurts. The time out from school was like a special treat, like smoking cigarettes behind the gym between classes.

Mom loved them. She called to tell me she put them on as soon as she opened the package. Her feet were cold and she was trying to get comfortable. From my hands to her feet. Feet that paced the floor while she held me in her arms, scurried around the kitchen while she prepared dinner and which stayed firmly planted while she scolded me for some childhood transgression.

I didn’t tell her they were in the mail. I could almost see her ripping the package open wondering what was in it. I hope she wears huge holes in them.


A Little Something for Mom

Remember this yarn that I picked up almost one and a half years ago at Yarnivore in San Antonio, Texas?


It didn’t have a good beginning. My attempt to wind it into a ball became a tangled mess. But I finally finished it after a few plane rides. I followed the Sakkie Knit Ruffle Scarf pattern written by the yarn store owner. This is how it looked fresh off the needles.

Sakkie FO 1

Sakkie FO 2

Some blocking was definitely in order to lay out the ruffles.

Sakkie FO Blocking 1 Sakkie FO Blocking 2

It straightened out quite nicely. Here are front and back views.

Sakkie Knit Ruffle Scarf Front
Sakkie Knit Ruffle Scarf Back

My mom picked the pattern. I plan to take it to her when I see her for Thanksgiving. Hope she likes it!

In Stitches

Mom had surgery a couple of weeks ago. In the scheme of things, it was a routine surgery. But it was my mom. There was nothing routine about it. Thankfully, the surgery went well. Mom is recuperating quite nicely and I was glad to be there for her. Even my teenage son enthusiastically played caregiver once I returned to work. He made her breakfast, made the beds, and asked her if she needed anything … every five minutes.

We were at the hospital during Worldwide Knit in Public Day so I pulled out my needles and yarn while waiting. I wanted to make a little something special for her; something I could make quickly and that would make her feel good. Lately, I’ve been seeing many posts on wash cloths. It’s like they’re all the rage. This was it. I would knit a couple of wash cloths she could use to clean her face at the end of the day. It would be my way of tending to her even after she went back home six hours away.

I found this 100% cotton yarn in the sale bin at my LYS. I loved the colors and knew this would help hide any lingering make up stains.

Araucania Pomaire Multy and Nature Cotton.

I used two patterns – Dishcloth Boutique’s Bamboo Cloth Variation 1 and Maggie’s Rags’ Chinese Waves Dishcloth.

This is one of the wash cloths still on the needles.

Here is the finished set. I didn’t get to use the solid peachy yarn yet.

The smile in her eyes when I gave them to her was all I needed.