Dusseldorf in Black and White

On the last leg of our trip to Germany, after visiting the knitting needle factory and the yarn atelier, we spent time at the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf. The evening was cool and the sky a bit overcast but the lights from all the vendor stalls filled the night.

Dusseldorf 2011
Dusseldorf Town Hall in Altstadt (old town).
Dusseldorf 2011
Engelchenmarkt (little angels market) on Heinrich-Heine-Platz.
Dusseldorf 2011
Merry Christmas.
Dusseldorf 2011
Candy booth at the Sternchenmarkt (little star market).
Dusseldorf 2011
Johanneskirche (St. John's Church).
Dusseldorf 2011
Dusseldorf 2011
Residential street along the Rhine.

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