Ozark Handspun

At the 2011 International Quilt Festival, among rows and rows of patterned fabrics and sewing notions, we came across yarn. Ozark Handspun had skeins of variegated hand-dyed, hand-spun yarns. Each skein was unique in texture, color and thickness. David Gentzsch, the artisan, explained how he hand-dyed the wool in vats of color that he mixed himself. He then spun the dyed wool interweaving different batches to create each skein. Here are some examples.

Ozark Handspun - 2 skeins
One skein each of “Baby Doll” and “New Multi”; 65% Mohair, 35% Wool.
Ozark Handspun - 1 skein orange
“Ziggy”; 65% Mohair, 35% Wool.

I mentioned to David that I was taking a spinning class the following weekend and to my delighted surprise, he grabbed a couple of handfuls of dyed wool roving and gave them to me!

Ozark Handspun - teal wool
Teal wool.
Ozark Handspun - lilac mohair roving
Lilac mohair.

Learn more about these artisan-crafted natural yarns at Ozark Handspun.

One thought on “Ozark Handspun

  1. The Art of Knitting…what a beautiful blog and post. Looking at those delightful artisan-crafted natural yarns makes me feel like taking my agujas again and start knitting. I did this with my grandmother and mother years ago then felt more attracted by fabrics and quilting. But I see how creative and fulfilling it can be. Thanks for your visit and comment 🙂

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