Spinning Doodads

At the Kid’N Ewe Fiber Festival, there were a myriad of tools for spinners and weavers alike. This clever top-whorl spindle was made by BJ Heeke, the instructor for the “So You Wanna Be A Spinner?” class. The instructions on the CD read: “Spin counter-clockwise for an S twist single. Spin clockwise for a Z twist single.” Made from a CD, a 5/16 inch dowel, ligatures (tiny rubber bands used for braces), and a metal hook. Weighs 1.2 oz. You can order your custom-made spindle at Blue Moon Fibers.

My first spun yarn!

Here’s a snapshot of my materials for the beginner spinning class.

My first fiber stash.

This is a high-quality, hand-crafted Turkish spindle by Jeri Brock Woodworks. Jeri showed me how easy it was to use this beautiful tool. The spindle is constructed from padauk wood for the arms carved with a chevron pattern and a cherry wood shaft. See more of Jeri’s Turkish spindles here.

Turkish spindle.

I picked up this handcrafted lucet to create a strong, attractive cord.

Satinwood lucet from Hokett Would Work. Contact would.work@yahoo.com.

I took a picture of these nostependes but had no idea what they were for. I did a quick search on the web and discovered that this tool is used to wind a ball of yarn! It’s origin is apparently Norwegian and can also be written “nostepinne.” I found a great explanation of how to use this tool at the Hatchtown Farm blog. You learn something new every day!

Nostependes & Lucets.

Kid'N Ewe Festival 2011 - LOGO

{Logo image source}

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