A Visit to Medieval Maastricht

The Saint Servatius Basilica located in Vrijthof, Maastricht's city square. It is flanked by St. John's Church (with the red spire).
Market Square where you can find City Hall. The bronze statue is of Jan Pieter Minckeleers, a Dutch scientist who invented gas lighting. The statue has an eternal flame.
An ancient guard tower on the east bank of the Meuse River.
View across the Meuse River.
13th Century Helpoort or "Hell's Gate," remains of the city's medieval fortifications.
Look-out tower along the medieval walls.
View from within the city's fortified walls.
Maastricht's cobblestoned streets.
Bread and cheese shop.
Homes with narrow watery alleyways from the Jeker River which runs through town.
Water wheel.
Outdoor cafes along the ruins of the medieval walls.

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