Spinning Out of Control

I think I’m hooked. Can you get addicted to spinning?

Evidence of my weakness — always in need of a lint brush, walking in clockwise circles.

I only managed this small ball of yarn from 2 ounces of mohair. I’m still spinning yarn of uneven thickness, but it seems to be getting easier.

Two ounces of Shetland Wool yielded 43 yards of yarn.

My first attempt at plying.

My name is Verónica and I am a spinaholic.

18 thoughts on “Spinning Out of Control

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog 🙂 It was actually this post of yours that got me inspired to give spinning another go the other day 😀 I’ve never seen a spindle like yours before. What type is it?

    1. It’s a Turkish (bottom whorl) spindle made from padauk wood and a cherry wood shaft. It was hand-carved by Jeri Brock of Jeri Brock Woodworks. I have a link to her website on one of my posts, “Spinning Doodads.” Not sure if I can add a link in this comment box? Will enjoy watching our mutual progress. : )

  2. Beautiful! I love it! I totally hear you on the addicting nature of spinning- I tried it once and it was all over.

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