Pear Humor

I don’t recall how I came across Angry Pear but I was hooked. I can’t help but chuckle at Angry Pear’s antics. For a fruit with such a small face, this Pear can be quite expressive! And why is Pear so angry anyway?

I have chosen my two favorite drawings to share because they just so happen to be about knitting.

Knitting Pear
Knitting Woes

Thanks to Drew McKevitt, the artist (and a knitter, by the way), for giving Agujas permission to post her artwork. Stop by Angry Pear whenever you need a smile. And be on the lookout for another Angry Pear knitting mishap.

25 thoughts on “Pear Humor

  1. Thanks for bringing those to my attention! Never seen it, love it now. And I totally recognised myself in the second picture – me after searching in vain for the end inside a center pull ball of yarn…

    1. Aren’t they fun?! Go to Drew’s blog to see an actual knit pear. Thanks for the kind note about Agujas. I’ve been learning as I go and having fun along the way.

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