My Very Own Ladybug

A very large box arrived at my doorstep the other day.

After much angst and deliberation, I ordered my very own spinning wheel. (Actually, I placed the order but it was a Mother’s Day gift from my husband extraordinaire).

I carefully laid out the parts.

There was a little assembly required. I wish I could say it was easy but not so. Not all the parts are labelled on the assembly diagram. This could have been simpler but the husband extraordinaire figured it out. Isn’t she beautiful?

Why I chose the Schacht Ladybug: The modern look appealed to me. It’s portable with built-in handles. The weight – neither too light or heavy – keeps it sturdy. It’s a good size – I can easily store it in a corner. The breadth of spinning ratios ranged from 7:1 to 12.5:1 (with the included fast and medium whorls) and can be expanded to slow (5:1 & 6:1) and high speeds (14:1 & 16:1) with additional flyer whorls.

I went with a double treadle (personal preference). Schacht is one of several reputable makers of spinning wheels. Each wheel is hand crafted in Colorado.

Plus it came with my very own ladybug.

The cost was in the mid-range of the wheels I researched – not cheap but didn’t break the bank either.

Now, I need to stop ogling her and actually take her out for a spin. (Yes, pun intended).

50 thoughts on “My Very Own Ladybug

  1. I love it! I’m learning…slowly… on an Ashford Traditional. I think that this is the wheel I utlimately want to own. Please let me know how it works out for you. I’m hoping to get to the NY Sheep & Wool festival this year to try out some different wheels, but this one really looks good.

  2. Wonderful wheel, congratulations. I love the Schacht craftsmanship. I wish you lots of happy spinning. I hear the Ladybug can do a huge range of yarns, looking forward to your pictures.

  3. I think if I remember correctly, you once asked if you can become addicted to spinning. Guess what? You’ve crossed the line now! Might as well order the drum carder today and get it over with. It’s too late to turn back. You officially have a fiber habit. Congrats! Really, that’s very cool to have a brand new wheel. So excited for you. Have so much fun with it. =)

  4. I bought a wheel about five years ago and never learned to spin. I just signed up to take a day long class at New York Sheep and Wool and I am so excited. Enjoy your Ladybug. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

    1. You’ll need to share any tips you pick up in class. I took a class for spinning on a spindle but this will go much faster. I’ll be interested in your experience with the class.

    1. My first handspun came out like a “novelty” yarn – thick and thin – but not intended. Still, I actually knit something with it and it turned out okay!

  5. Oh, isn’t she gorgeous! (Or he, or even it, ahem.) That is four-star wonderful – and I wish you a long and happy relationship, from one new-wheel owner to another!

  6. I don’t know if I would ever be able to stop ogling this machine. Please tell me this has an extra large orifice, for making those very cool layered art yarns? Gorgeous! Best of luck with her. Have you named her yet?
    I buy my roving from an area farm, from a very sweet, generous sheep named, “Abigail.” If I ever get my hands on something like this, I would probably name it after her.

      1. Cool, then you could make those cool art yarns that sell for a hundred bucks a hank…and save up for the drum carder that fattoriafiberworks suggested 😉

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