Oodles of Needles

Over the years, I have accumulated all sizes and types of knitting needles. I prefer to keep them all together to avoid rummaging through baskets and drawers in search of the right size. This needle organizer from Lantern Moon does the trick. First of all, I like the look of it with the two complementary fabrics. Beyond the aesthetics, it is quite useful. By opening it and laying it out flat, I have a birds-eye view of all my tools.

I can insert my circular needles in the center pockets. I place them from largest to smallest circumference, top to bottom. The right flap has long narrow slits for my straight needles, double-pointed needles and crochet hooks.

The left flap has a zippered pouch for all my various and sundry notions – scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, pom pom maker, stitch holders, etc.

When I’m on the go or just need to stow it, I can roll it up into a neat bundle and wrap it closed. The inner flap helps keep everything nicely tucked inside.

I have had this particular organizer for several years. I’ve had to stitch up the tie once (I tied the bow too tightly) but otherwise it has held up very well. I’m quite pleased with my needle caddy. It works for me. How do you keep your needles straight?

53 thoughts on “Oodles of Needles

  1. I’m nowhere near as classy as that but if you must know, washed out upcycled crisp tubes! They’re sturdy and stand on the shelf nicely and easily. I have two tubes, one for under 4.5 mm and one for above. I’d break too many needles if I took them all with me every time. My circulars are in a needle roll in the filing cabinet, arranged by size. I don’t use them so much. πŸ™‚

    1. Clever! I have seen some ideas for reusing empty containers. So much better than sending them to the landfill. I saw a post where someone took empty containers and wrapped them in pretty paper. They instantly became decorative storage containers. I have several empty containers stashed away – will have to experiment.

      1. They’re the only ones that I’ve found that are tall enough for the long needles and sturdy enough to hold up to the long, thick needles of say 10 mm. You do get funny looks at parties when you’re trying to cadge the empty tubes though. πŸ˜‰

      1. I didn’t say I could find thngs, did I? I just swear a lot πŸ˜‰

        Well, it has helped since I got the Addi Click Lace kit. I hardly ever use anything else now.

  2. I keep my less-used straights in a vase, my crochet hooks in a mug, and my circulars, in their original packaging, in a zippered canvas bag. It might be nice to have a more efficient storage container for the circulars one day, but for now this works πŸ™‚

    1. I love the look of knitting needles loosely arranged in a vase or jar. Also provides quick access. For me, I need to have everything in one place. Sometimes it’s a curse.

  3. My needle storage isn’t nearly as attractive as yours. The only straight needles I use are dpns which I keep in a plastic box underneath the footstool in front of my knitting chair. My circs are in a small craft tote bag that sits in a decorative basket in the same room as my knitting chair. My straight needles are in a box in my knitting closet.

  4. I have something very similar to you. I will post on it in the not too distant future. In the meantime I ‘m enjoying looking at yours, which has more options than mine. I like the fact that you have somewhere specific to put your circular needles. They are always difficult to place.

  5. I have this fantasy of finding something like you have in the thrift store for a steal. Right now I keep my giant needles in a drawer in the bedroom….the kids think they should be used for sword play. My other ones are kept in my yarn bag in the front pouch and the crochet hooks are on the inside pouch tied together with a rubber band. So, not as elegant as your setup.

    1. I used to keep my needles in a basket and every time my nephews came to visit, they also magically turned them into swords! My son used them as drumsticks during his drum phase. Sigh.

  6. I am not a knitter nor do I do other needle work, but I must say that the photographs are quality ones. These images of the equipment are interesting to look at.

    1. Thanks Stephen. I enjoy learning to take better pictures. I take many until I find one I like.

      I love reading your blog and looking at your pics. I long to visit Mexico but have to admit that the stories that float up here are a bit scary. Take care.

      1. You would be in heaven here visiting the artisans working with weaving and other fabric-related things. I note your use of the word “long.” When you are ready to come, let me know. I will get you in and out of here all in one piece. I promise. After all is said and done, you will wonder what you were so concerned about. (Of course the question that comes hard upon all that is, “Who is THIS guy?” Hahahahaha.)

  7. What a lovely needle case and so organized too! I keep my straights in an antique crystal vase, my small 16″ circulars are kept in a leather CD case that I have each slot labeled with the size and much larger or longer circulars are kept in a fabric needle case that was designed for circulars.

  8. Hi thank you for liking my blog post yesterday. I love your blog and the photos are so clear and posh. Have you ever tried to dye your own wool. I was hoping to go to a class to find out how to do it but it was cancelled and it never ran again.

    Caroline from GB ( trying to keep up with you guys in the swimming – LOL)

    1. I’ve started with dyeing my own handspun yarn with Kool-Aid. I have not tried dyeing raw wool. There are many lovely knitters/bloggers who do though. Maybe we can both try that next step!

  9. I have a needle organizer similar to yours, but the pockets are not quite as roomy and my circulars pop out while my dpns just fall out. Maybe it’s me . . .

  10. Thanks for visiting me! Your needle roll looks great, I’ve seen simpler ones before but I like how that one hold scissors etc as well – very handy! And nice to see it was a gift from your partner – having a supportive husband is great πŸ™‚

  11. I’m a mostly straights girl and they are kept in an old tin that once held a bottle of whisky. They all tick out of the the top and get jumbled together, but it works for me. Not that I’d say no to a lovely needle holder like yours πŸ˜€

  12. I use old jars (one’s shaped like a fish) and for my circulars I put them in my Grandma’s jewelry box (where all the other little odds and ends go)

  13. I dream of having an organizer! well in fact two….one for the hooks and one for short knitting needles …as for the “old” ones (I mean regular knitting needles that I almost never use anymore since i discovered knitting in the round) they have an old bag that use to be my grand mother’s. It’s low and long enough in a kind of plastic with a very 50’s flower print…

  14. man, i need to get one of those. i keep putting it off because i think “well i could make one” but that is obviously not happening and i’m loosing needles at a rapid rate.

  15. What a wonderful and helpful blog! I am an on again- off again knitter. My needles are together in a bag, but not organized except in their original pouches. This is a great idea. I’ll be following you. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. Please come back! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I used to keep the individual pouches too but after a while, they became too bulky (too many needles!). I was drawn to those lovely water shots. There was something soothing about them.

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