Te Dejo Madrid

Te dejo Madrid
con tus avenidas amplias
tus edificios y palacios resplandecientes

Te dejo Madrid
con tus mil sabores
patatas bravas y albóndigas
queso manchego y aceite de oliva arbequina
escaparates luciendo la pata negra
cenando a media noche
las calles repletas de gente

Te dejo Madrid
con tus tesoros nacionales
el Prado con "Las Meninas" de Velázquez
las imágenes de la guerra en el "Guernica" de Picasso
"Muchacha en la Ventana" de Dalí
la poesía de Lorca

Te dejo Madrid
por las calles sinuosas del Rastro
las antigüedades del mercado de sellas y monedas
la pasión del flamenco
y con un brindis a Don Ernesto bajo la sombra
de los árboles que rodean la Plaza Santa Ana

Te dejo Madrid
pero tu no me dejas a mi

(Título prestado de la canción “Te Dejo Madrid” de Shakira).

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I leave you Madrid
with your wide boulevards
and your resplendent buildings and palaces

I leave you Madrid
with your thousand flavors
spicy fried potates and meatballs
manchego cheese and olive oil
black hoofs on display in shop windows
dining at midnite
the streets bursting with people

I leave you Madrid
with your national treasures
“Las Meninas” by Velázquez at the Prado
the images of war in Picasso’s “Guernica”
Dalí's “Woman at the Window”
Lorca’s poetry

I leave you Madrid
through the circuitous streets of the Rastro
the antiquities at the stamp and coin market
the passion of flamenco
and a toast to Hemingway beneath the shade
of the trees that surround Plaza Santa Ana

I leave you Madrid
but you do not leave me

(Title borrowed from the song “Te Dejo Madrid” by Shakira).

15 thoughts on “Te Dejo Madrid

  1. I might be a country bumpkin but so many cities have soul, a vibrancy that only hundreds of years of thousands of people can bring together and I love that. But then give me some quiet fields and hills when I tire of the crowds and pollution and limits. 🙂

    1. I probably lean towards being a city girl but I relish the view of mountains and being able to see the stars. So much natural beauty while the city gives us man-made skyscrapers and statues.

    1. I spent most of the time in the city and want to go back and see the countryside. It was wonderful. They kept asking me where I was from because my Spanish is so different!

  2. I was in Madrid in 2009 with my school to study Spanish and I did fall in love too with the city. This year I also went back but this time in Barcelona and the South of France. It always amazes me how happy and open the people are over there. I also visited the countryside and I think it is always the best part when visiting European countries. Don’t miss the countryside.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Spain and this just makes me want to go there even more. I surprised myself by knowing some of the Spanish too!

  4. I adore Madrid! Thanks for this lovely post and great images. I’ve been three times in the last four years as my friend was living there, it was great to experience it like a local! It’s so pretty, I love the pace of life and sitting for hours drinking amazing coffee 🙂

      1. I know! those two men were only one! amazing, one was a statue of the real man, if you know what I mean? we watched him for a while one day and he came out of the costume for a break.

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