Toasty Hand Warmers

My husband has a true appreciation for handmade items. So as I considered my knitting queue, I decided to make him a pair of fingerless hand warmers for the cool weather ahead. He has a wonderfully warm charcoal gray coat so I wanted yarn that would complement it. I found this hank at Nimblefingers, one of Houston’s local yarn stores.

Heritage Quatro by Cascade Yarns. Fiber content: 75% Merino Superwash, 25% Nylon. Yield: 437 yards, 100 grams.

For the pattern, I went to The Purl Bee and fixed on their Ribbed Hand Warmers. It is a nice gender-neutral pattern. As I started knitting, I noticed that the swatch was too flimsy and it didn’t seem like it would keep his hands warm. So I unravelled my knitting and doubled up the yarn. Much better.

Here is hand warmer #1 in progress.

Once the first one was all done, the second one went quickly.

I think he liked them.

37 thoughts on “Toasty Hand Warmers

    1. I went to a couple of yarn stores before I found this. I was looking for a charcoal gray but no luck in the right gauge. When I saw this one, it looked like it could work. He’s very happy with them! : )

      1. I’ve never heard of the syndrome but do recognise it and so did my Granny who taught me to knit both sleeves at once when making a cardigan or sweater so that you aren’t too bored doing the same thing all over again. It might be worth trying when making these – though I think not the first time round as the thumb holes seem as if they might be quite challenging! 🙂

      2. That’s exactly the challenge and why I don’t do socks. I made sure I started the second hand warmer right away so that my husband wouldn’t end up with one warm and one cold hand!

    1. They were easy. There’s one point in the pattern that’s a little confusing, right after you start the thumb hole. I read some of the reader comments and others had the same problem and that helped me figure it out.

    1. Thanks! The camera does the hard part. I did take these at different times so the lighting isn’t terribly consistent. The outside shot in particular shows the gloves in a lighter shade than they are.

    1. The pattern calls for US#3 double pointed needles but I used a size US#4. I didn’t want them to be too delicate since I was making them for a man but also didn’t want to go too far on the size. The #4 DPNs were just right.

  1. Great looking! and no gusset! Thanks for posting this – I foresee some hand warmers under the tree this year… Last year I made some mitts and found that the Quattro was great held together with some Patons Classic Wool – rustic but classy, and really warm!

  2. Q – Lovely! They’re the exact pattern I used to knit some for my husband last year. 😎 His are in a heavier, dark blue yarn so I didn’t have to double the yarn. Great minds!!

  3. Those are lovely! I’ve looked at this pattern a few times and love the simplicity of it, especially the idea of having no thumb to knit. Might have to consider this as a future project. 🙂

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