Sparkling Glass from Germany

While walking along the endless mazes of the Christmas Markets, we stopped at one booth and watched as a craftsman made beautiful hand blown glass ornaments. These sparkling ornaments now adorn our tree. If you want to see how they are made, this post has more information.

(Click on any thumbnail for a full-screen view).

22 thoughts on “Sparkling Glass from Germany

  1. These are just beautiful! They wouldn’t last two minutes in our house, though… the dogs drink from the water for the tree, or sleep under the tree, and each time they get in our out from underneath they bump the tree and some lovely figurines ‘rain’ down.

    1. LOL! We actually put up a small live tree on a table in our breakfast area. We decorated the small tree with only the glass ornaments so that they would stand out. We also get to smell the fresh pine while we eat.

  2. They are so beautiful! I wish I could have some on my tree…but I’m still having trouble just keeping the candy canes on there, lol. Currently losing them at about a rate of about three per day…Apparently, that Girl Child loves those things. But these are just breathtaking. I’d probably keep them in my Christmas box and just oooh and aaah over them every year, lol.

    1. Well I was tempted to put them in a crystal bowl. Thought they would look pretty but my husband got this cute little Charlie Brown tree and they were a perfect fit. Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Dre – Thank you so much for nominating Agujas! I am honored. I love seeing and reading about your experiments using dyes and always impressed by your results and especially the process. It means a lot to me that you thought of my blog. You made my day!

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