Spinning Near Yashow Market

As I was walking towards the subway after a morning of haggling at Yashow Market, I saw this – a woman spinning wool!

Spinning at Yachow Market

I asked her if the fiber was 新羊毛 (xīn yáng máo), the Chinese term for wool. She smiled and nodded.

Spinning and Cross-Stitching at Yachow Market

Her companion had a thick yellow thread or yarn on the floor beside her. As she talked, she continued working on what looked like a cross-stitch landscape. I may have to carry my WIP and a little stool with me so I can join these sidewalk sessions. The ladies allowed me to take a few photos. Even the baby peeked into the camera!

23 thoughts on “Spinning Near Yashow Market

    1. We do. 🙂 I spin on a spindle that looks just like the one in the picture, and I do so in public. Regularly.

  1. Very cool. Ummm, I have walked and knitted, ridden on the back of a motorcycle and crocheted, but my spinning isn’t good enough for public viewing. I’m looking for a traveling spinning wheel for just this reason.

    1. I agree. Even with the language barrier, I elicited smiles and common understanding when I motioned to them that I knew how to spin. It was great.

    1. I did find a Beijing Guild. From the website, looks like mostly expats but it would be interesting to meet women from all over who are united by knitting.

  2. Another great post! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Blog Award! Thanks for making me feel at home here 🙂

  3. That’s wonderful. I love taking my projects out and about. You meet a lot of people that way, especially while spinning I’ve found. Most people just aren’t that used to seeing the drop spindle. More used to picturing a big wheel I guess.

      1. Great! It is so much fun sitting on a patio or in a park and just relaxing with your spinning. I use a wine bottle gift box to carry my spinning. It works well as long as you don’t have a wide one.

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