Outside the 5th Ring Road

In my ongoing quest to find yarn in Beijing, I tried another market recommended by the Beijing Guild. Maofangcheng is also known as the Fabric Market. From what I read, you can have wool and cashmere coats tailor made from any fabric shop inside the five-story building.

The first task was getting there. The market is located on the Northeastern side of the city just outside the 5th Ring Road, far from where I am staying.

Map & Directions to Maofangcheng Market

It was well worth the trip. Among the five floors of wool, cashmere and silk fabrics, were almost two full floors of yarn shops. Two — floors — of — yarn. I only took a couple of photographs. All you have to do is imagine walls of yarn in store after store after store.

These cones are wrapped in fine thin threads of cashmere.

Store 205

My first purchase was in Store #205 where I picked up this colorful wool and mohair blend. So festive!

Fashion Wool - 66% Wool, 34% Mohair (Store #205)
Fashion Wool – 66% Wool, 34% Mohair (Store #205)

Fashion Wool 3

I also could not resist these lovely purples.

Ricignole Mohair - 66% Wool, 34% Mohair (Store #205)
Ricignole Mohair – 66% Wool, 34% Mohair (Store #205)

In Store #315, I picked up five balls of this luscious cerulean blue yarn.

Wool 40%, Mohair 30%, 亚克力 30% (Store #315)
Wool 40%, Mohair 30%, 亚克力 30% (Store #315)

Next I found this jewel-toned mohair in Store #323.

Xiao Mohair - Kid Mohair 45%, Viscose 30%, Anti-Pilling 25% (Store #323)
Xiao Mohair – Kid Mohair 45%, Viscose 30%, Anti-Pilling 25% (Store #323)

I fell in love with this orange cotton and cashmere blend. It reminds me of creamsicles!

Cotton 80%, Cashmere 20% (Store #323)
Cotton 80%, Cashmere 20% (Store #323)
Cotton 80%, Cashmere 20% (Store #323)
Cotton 80%, Cashmere 20% (Store #323)

My last purchase was this amazingly soft cotton and cashmere blend that one of the ladies was using to knit a shawl.

Cashmere & Cotton Blend (Store #323)
Cashmere & Cotton Blend (Store #323)

I took this partial cake of unknown yardage. It is made up of 11 thinly spun threads.

No Label Wool, Cotton & Cashmere Blend Detail

As I was getting ready to leave, I decided to pick up a couple of crochet hooks.

Crochet Hooks

I spent a total of ¥280 or about $46. Now how am I going to get all this yarn home?

40 thoughts on “Outside the 5th Ring Road

  1. I’m so glad you found the Wool City! Definitely the place to go to get yarn in Beijing in my opinion. You’ll have to let me know how the fashion wool works up – I haven’t used mine yet. 😉

  2. Worry about getting it home later!! Just stash it and stash it. In case of excess, just post some to a small island off the coast of Ireland! (Only joking. :))

    Seriously though, I’m not sure what the exchange rate of euros to dollars is these days but you would probably buy about three balls of yarn for that here so grab it!

  3. I’m glad you found Maofangcheng. It’s such a sensory overload. I still treasure some cashmere cardigans I had made there a few years ago!

      1. I think I had to come back the week or two after? They are machine made and the quality is great. I’m only sorry I didn’t get more made up.

        My only advice is to take something to be copied (and be prepared to leave it behind too while they work) or take very clear photos from a magazine – otherwise you might not get what you wanted. It can be really difficult to communicate style, particularly where there are language and cultural differences and fashion expectations are so different. They charge by the weight of the yarn they use (I actually got a bit of a refund because they over estimated my garments).

        Good luck!

  4. Great post! Love the cashmere, so colorful! I was wondering if you’ve visited any mills in China? I’ve read that China is known for cashmere goats and production. I bought some cashmere a few months ago that was processed in NY, and it still had the pointy guard hairs on it. (I’m guessing the spinning mill didn’t have the de-hairing machinery). Just wondering if you’ve seen any yarn processing?

    1. I have not as I’ve been mostly in the city. I’ll have to look into it and see if there is a mill within a reasonable distance. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I drooled as I read this post and saw all the gorgeous yarn, sadly far too far away for me to visit!

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