March FO: Summerhouse Hat

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that it’s already March. Two more months and my boys will be Seniors. One more year to prepare them and enjoy them before they begin their adult lives away from home. I didn’t quite intend for this post to begin so emotionally. I typed out “March FO” and my fingers just stopped typing as it sunk in.

Well, on to knitterly things. I knit up a quick hat for my March FO. It has some simple cable work that perks the hat up a bit. For the yarn, I chose a 100% extra fine merino superwash by Zara Chinè that I bought in Hong Kong

Summerhouse Hat
Summerhouse Hat - Top View

The pattern came from this book that the husband picked up for me on a trip to D.C. There are many other cool patterns for shawls, sweaters and scarves. The husband is the best!

Capitol Knits Book

Which reminded me of this chulo that I knit for him a few years ago. I had forgotten all about it. It was my first attempt at stranded color work.

Chulo 1

Chulo 2

Chulo 3

I really liked the motif.

Chulo 4

My April WIP is already on the needles. I’m making steady progress as I watch past seasons of House of Cards, The Killing and The Bridge. So much good programming out there!

11 thoughts on “March FO: Summerhouse Hat

  1. Ooohh! Your feelings about your boys are so precious. I have another two years with mine before he goes to college, but I feel it already. I already know he’s really interested in an out-of-state school’s basketball program. I’m going to miss my baby. I’m secretly hoping he gets a full scholarship in-state that he just can’t pass up. I’m not selfish, right? 😉

    As for your knits, the hats are so darling and I can’t believe that was your first stranded project! Mine was so loosy goosy, it barely resembled knitting. More like a wad of limp noodles!

  2. Beautiful hats! The teddy in particular looks very cool with his chulo! And you have excellent taste in TV programmes! I can’t wait for Season 2 of The Bridge to come on Netflix…!

  3. I am just starting to be able to knit and watch TV–the dark brown of the sweater makes it hard to see in the evening, but I’m perservering! (I’m totally into “Sherlock” !!)

    1. It’s taken me a while to get back to you because I wanted to find the pattern. I don’t seem to have it. I recall pulling it from the Internet. I found the motif separately and just counted stitches to make it work for the circumference of the hat. If I come across it, I’ll get back to you.

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