July FO: Purple Handwarmers

Knitting in the middle of a hot and humid Texas summer is not always pleasurable, but small projects make it tolerable and have allowed me to continue knitting through my stash.

Purple Hand Warmers in Progress

I’ve been wanting to use a lovely merino yarn that I bought when visiting Germany. This yarn is enriched with aloe vera and jojoba. What could possibly be better?!

Purple Hand Warmers 1

The yarn is by Zitrón. I had the pleasure of visiting with the owner of the company.  Zitrón is a family-owned business dedicated to making yarn especially for hand knitting. You can read more about it here.

Purple Hand Warmers 2

Purple Hand Warmers Close-up

The pattern came from Purlbee with minor modifications for the right gauge.

Purple Hand Warmers 3

I have enough of this purple-black-gray yarn for another small project. Perhaps a quick beanie to match?

14 thoughts on “July FO: Purple Handwarmers

      1. Thanks Q! I hope you had fun in Austin despite the heat. Your daughter, right? So did you make it to Hill Country Weavers? Such a great LYS plus that block has such interesting eclectic shops.

      1. I’ve been trying to do one square everyday so it isn’t overwhelming but when I get behind I have to put everything else down.

  1. Beautiful blog – and beautiful yarn! A year ago I had the fortune to get six skeins of Unisono on sale from a woman in Austria (where I am) who had just stopped working as a rep for Zitron and was trying to clear her shelves. The blue variegated has already been made into gifts of a hat, a scarf, and socks. The purple that remains is earmarked for a cardigan for me.

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