What’s a Journey without Yarn?

First stop … Ithaca.

I arrived in Ithaca a day before the MBA program to get acclimated. The agenda foretold of long hours ahead and I wanted to see the campus. I ventured down the hilly terrain from the campus to Ithaca Commons, a pedestrian-friendly area with restaurants and shops. My destination – Homespun Boutique.

Homespun Boutique - Ithaca, NY

I read that Homespun Boutique had been around for over 30 years. Besides yarn and fibers, it also carries fabrics. I arrived early and wandered in and out of the shops. When I returned to the yarn store, it was still rather dark inside. I peeked through the door and that’s when I noticed the “we’re closed today” handwritten note taped to the inside of the glass. Noooooooooo! : (

Homespun Boutique - Giant Needles

Dejected, I walked back up the hill with the sun at my back. At least I got my workout in. I will try again next time. You can find Homespun Boutique virtually on FaceBook and in real life at 314 E. State St., Ithaca, NY 14850, Phone: 607-277-0954.

Next stop … Kingston.

During the week in Kingston, Ontario, there was precious little time for anything but classes and studying. Assignments had to be turned around in 24-48 hours. I usually skipped dinner so that I could work or nap before the long night ahead. On the very last day, after all assignments had been submitted, I had a couple of hours before heading out to the airport. This was my only opportunity.

The hotel arranged a car to take me to my destination. The driver was part of the program staff and, as I came to learn, a knitter herself. An immediate friendship was struck as we made our way to Knit Traders of Kingston. I was there for only 15-20 minutes and made the most of it. The staff was very helpful. They pointed me to locally spun wool but it was a bit too scratchy for me so I picked up sock yarn instead.

Knit Traders - Wall of Yarn

Besides the ubiquitous wall of yarn, there were plenty of fibers and tools for spinning.

Knit Traders - Fibers

Every yarn store should have this sign!

Knit Traders - Touch the Yarn Sign

Knit Traders is located in a nondescript strip center, so you need to look for it. I don’t recall seeing a spot to sit and knit. They didn’t have some of the brands I typically look for, such as Madeline Tosh, but they were getting ready to bring in more local yarns.

Knit Traders - Logo
KnitTraders of Kingston, 725 Gardiners Rd, Kingston, ON, K7M 3Y5, Phone: 613-384-3951.

On the drive to Knit Traders, I learned that there was a truck full of yarn that traveled around Kingston. Yes, a TRUCK – FULL – of – YARN. Think food truck but with yarn on the menu. According to the Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn website, the truck stops at several locations. You can find it by checking the “Where’s The Truck” section of the website. They even do day trips to fiber festivals! Imagine, riding in a truck full of yarn to a fiber festival.


A journey without yarn is just a road trip.

17 thoughts on “What’s a Journey without Yarn?

  1. Awesome. Pity the one shop was closed, however you did get some perfect shopping on your last day. Stunning. I love the pictures, and I am sure the shop is even prettier when you get to visit.
    🙂 A yarn truck. Now I have seen it all. Every city should have one!!
    All the best with your studies, it sounds like lots of work that is very worth it.

  2. Ithaca is such a pretty town but, yes, really hilly! The shop in Kingston looks yummy but, I have to admit, the yarn truck really strikes my fancy!

  3. A TRUCK FULL OF YARN! Oh My! I never liked the idea of food trucks, but yarn truck…that is everything!

  4. Oh my gosh your post brought back memories! I went to Ithaca College for my BA and Cornell University for my PhD. I lived in that town for 13 years. Homespun is indeed thirty years old. I liked going there to buy yarn sometimes. One of the nicest things about the Cornell campus is that you can take a nice long walk that is quite beautiful if you need a break (except in the winter, when everything is buried in snow). There are just so many nice restaurants to try (I’m sure there are new ones I don’t know about anymore). Good luck with your MBA!

  5. In California there is Yarnover Truck and the two ladies that own it travel to different locations in Southern California. I was so excited to see this. It’s neat that in different parts of the country Yarn crafters are so united in many ways. I want those window size Knitting needles, ooh the things I could knit. Thanks for the post what a beautiful location. Have lots of fun and make lots of friends.

  6. Too bad the one shop was closed. You will have to post about it when you can get in there. A truck full or yarn? That sounds fabulous!!! It should travel the neighborhoods like the ice cream truck does, playing beautiful music to attract all the knitters and crocheters. What fun!

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