WIP – Adrift in Green

This is one of my WIPs (works in progress). I love how the cabling gives it depth while the stockinette stitch gives it smoothness. I am using drift by Rowan, a super bulky wool in a deep green color with blue highlights (#905). It reminds me of soft rolling waves in a warm sea.

I still have a couple of balls of yarn to go before it’s finished. Stay tuned for the finished product.

4 thoughts on “WIP – Adrift in Green

    1. I took bits and pieces from different cable patterns I’ve knitted. I would say this one mostly relied on a “burberry cowl” pattern I found at http://www.thegartergirl.com. I thought the scarf needed a border to make it lay flat and give it a finished look so I used a simple seed stitch border all around. Thanks!!

      1. OMG! What a small world, I actually knit that cowl in bulky, gray yarn this past winter! Did not recognize it as a scarf. The scarf is beautiful!

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