Cross-Stitched Magazines

I was struck by the artistry in these cross-stitched magazine covers and newspapers. Another instance of finding threads in unexpected places. The artist, Inge Jacobsen, has taken an everyday disposable item that displays one-dimensional images of beauty and fashion and converted it into a unique piece of art. I learned about this artist from an article in Design Milk, Stitched Magazines by Inge Jacobsen | Design Milk. Here are a few cross-stitched images from her website at Inge Jacobsen.

Cross-stitched Vogue magazine cover. According to the artist's website, a cover like this can take 50 hours to create by hand.
A cross-stitched Beyonce from the cover of Dazed & Confused superimposed on a page from a magazine or photograph.
Three cross-stitched super-models from a page in Vogue magazine.

The embroidered images on newspaper is surprising and refreshing. The image of the woman almost floats over the page.

I like this last one in particular because we see violent images like this repeated in the media so often that we become anesthetized to them and stop seeing them. The artist has taken a hazy picture of a violent scene and forced us to take a closer look.

Visit Inge Jacobsen’s website to read about the philosophy behind her art and see more of her handiwork.

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