11 thoughts on “Spin Me a Yarn

    1. Thanks! Just to clarify, I bought the fiber already dyed from the Wooden Spinner. The husband does all the dyeing only with natural materials. I like the resulting softer hues. I wish I could take credit for the dyeing, but only the spinning.

  1. So, you’ve dyed your yarn using walnuts. Tell me, did they leave any bits of walnuts in the yarn? And how did you get them out?
    Years ago, I bought some gorgeous mohair that had been naturally dyed with walnuts, but it’s littered with walnut bits. Maybe I should toss it and chalk it up to a buyer’s beware lesson.

    1. I personally did not dye these yarns. I bought them from a couple. Their business is called the Wooden Spinner. The husband does the natural dyeing. There were absolutely no bits of anything in the fiber. I am in touch with them via email and can ask them!

      1. Marie – Sorry for the delay but I finally located the email for the Wooden Spinner. Brenda and Mike Harrower are the owners of the Wooden Spinner. She spins, he dyes. This was their response: “On the walnuts, Mike says that they weren’t strained properly between cooking the dye and cooking the yarn or fiber. Or, they just threw everything into the pot and cooked them together. There should be some kind of straining process in there so that that doesn’t happen. My suggestion would be to comb it and see how much comes out, but I doubt all of it will. The finer crumbs adhere real well. Might just have to chalk it up to a bad buy. I will have Mike dye up some mohair for her if she would like.” You can see (and get) the Wooden Spinner’s wonderful, naturally-dyed fibers at their Etsy store – http://www.etsy.com/shop/WoodenSpinner. Keep spinning! – Veronica

  2. I bought a spindle and some carded wool from my local yarn shop. I am quite apprehensive about trying my hand at spinning, and as yet have only looked longingly at the bag and caressed the fibre from time to time. Your end result is so lovely that now I am very eager to get started. I’ll have to look up some how-to videos on You-Tube.

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