Bubble Gum Hat

After spinning and dyeing my small batches of yarn, my fingers were itching for a project to use it on.

Since I had small skeins to work with, I needed a small item to knit.

So off I went to the wonderful Purl Bee and found their Whit’s Knits: Fun Kid’s Hat. It required just the amount of yarn I had with a little left over.

I started knitting.

It was fun watching the colors meld together. And the unevenness I was so worried about when I was spinning actually worked out quite nicely.

Making the pom-pom.

All done.

The colors remind me of those big soft squares of juicy bubble gum.

Hand-spun wool.

Hand-dyed yarn.

Hand-knit hat.

Kool-Aid and bubble gum.

Life is good.

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