Knitting On The Go

Like many knitters, I try to take a project along when I’m on the go. I sometimes tote my WIPs around in this bag by Crazy Aunt Purl available at CafePress. It’s roomy with long handles and it’s darn funny.

I recently received this bag and it is now one of my favorites. It was a gift from my sister who also sells them (full disclosure). It’s from a line called Thirty-One Gifts which specializes in home-based sales of monogrammed baskets, bags and other organizational items.

I like:

  • the colors – there are several patterns to choose from
  • the fabric – just wipe it down with a damp cloth
  • the size – just right for most WIPs plus a pattern, book or iPad
  • the shape – it stands upright on its rectangular base
  • the pockets – to store balls of yarn or tools or a water bottle
  • the personalization – have your name (or your blog’s) embroidered on it
  • the price – mine was a gift but they go for about $30

Here’s a look inside with my current work in progress. You can even spot my red tool bag tucked in there.

I’ve tried many other bags and was never quite satisfied with them – yarn catches on zippers, lack of extra pockets, easily tips over, or not very attractive. So far, these two are my favorites.

36 thoughts on “Knitting On The Go

  1. haha! I have one of those CafePress totes. Also love “I knit so I don’t kill people.”

    Your sister is very talented. Cute cute bags and love the yellow/grey fabric she used

    1. I’ve gone through many to get to these two. Frankly, the tote bag isn’t ideal but I love the saying so that won out. Anything that makes me smile is good.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂
    On th subject of bags I have to agree that little cosmetics bags a perfect for carrying tools and notions around. A number of members of my knit night group feel the same way! And your project bags look great.

  3. That first bag is brilliant!! Probably wouldn’t go down too well on aeroplanes though. (yes, I have had my 4 inch plastic Denise interchangeables confiscated while on board…)

    1. I think they’ve eased up a bit on having knitting needles on board. For a while there, knitting needles were specifically prohibited. Personally, I think you can do more damage with a really sharp pencil.

    1. I thought they were reasonable. I’ve gotten compliments on the yellow one and have used it for a beach trip and waiting rooms for doctor’s appointments.

  4. I love that bag. So funny! Also That Andean Folk Knits book looks really interesting. My best friend, who is currently teaching abroad in Peru, recently shipped some alpaca fleece to me that I need to spin and knit into something, and I think I may have to check out that book! Thank you for the ideas!

    1. That’s great! The Andean book has great pictures and many patterns. Many of them are for intarsia knitting which I’m not that good at. It has some cute doll patterns as well. Can’t wait to see what you make with the fiber!

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