Travel Tools and Notions

These are the tools and notions that always go with me in my knitting bag.

From top left to right: (1) Blunt scissors (can’t get through airport security otherwise); (2) Pair of needle point protectors; (3) Stitch markers; (4) Stitch holders in two sizes; (5) Cable needle; (6) Yarn needle for weaving in ends;  (7) Crochet hook for saving dropped stitches; (8) A pen; (9) Stitch counter; (10) Measuring tape; (11) Travel-sized hand lotion; (12) Small cosmetic bag (one of those free gifts with purchase at the cosmetic counter).

What’s in your bag?

37 thoughts on “Travel Tools and Notions

  1. I’d trade the cable needle (just pinch) for an emery board and nail clippers. In-flight air is so dry; I can count on breaking nails. And I have kept a small calculator but there’s one on my phone now. So maybe my phone in the bag. 🙂

  2. My scissors are pointy, but I never try to go through airport security with them. In addition, I keep lots of little bits of yarn in my bag–they’re easier for me to use than rigid stitch holders!

  3. Your bag is much tidier than mine. LOL. The only additional things I have are a pen and sticky note pad. One never knows when inspiration will strike and I have the memory retention of a leaf.

  4. cute bag! I have the same things, and keep an extra row counter. I have a ton of knitting apps on my phone, including row counters, but if my phone dies I’m in trouble! I’ve got a needle gauge and a card of abbreviations too.

  5. I inherited my Granny’s tool bag, with a zipper and I love using it knowing that she and my Mum used it before me. We have all the same items but not the round end scissors which I shall find and add for when I travel. It was fun reading all the comments 🙂

  6. I’ll have to do my own post about this one of these days. I also need to do a notions bag clean out. It’s much too crammed.

  7. For my ‘carry around’ knitting, I have a small pair of scissors, measuring tape and sewing-up needles. I only usually knit socks when I’m out and about, so this fits the bill. I love how you’re so organised – it’s such a pretty case too! At the moment I have all my tools rattling around at the bottom of my project bag, but I think I will take a leaf out of your book and put them in a pretty case. Much easier to find things!

  8. I always take dental floss. It has dual uses; you can use the floss for life lines and the metal cutter works as scissors and they won’t take them at security.

  9. Wow! All I can say is your bag is a LOT neater than mine is. *Resolves to get rid of old ball bands, tissues, yarn ends, stray pins, etc*

  10. Thank you for liking my post!
    it’s a very nice blog that you have, very pleasant to discover.
    I usually only do short trips in the tube or sursurban train and most of the time I take some skeins and a crochet and also a small swiss knife with scissors. I don’t knit much during my travels because I feel I need more space that you can have in the parisian tube!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed looking at your posts as well. I’ve had a small Swiss knife taken away at the airport. I had forgotten I had it and it was too late to leave it with someone.

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