16,112 yards of yarn

That’s the same as 9.15 miles.

Or the equivalent of 14,733 meters or 14.7 kilometers for my metric friends.

That’s the size of my yarn stash.

83 skeins or balls of yarn.

This does not include batts, rovings, locks or any other unspun fiber in my possession.

This past Christmas, I told my husband I wanted pretty baskets in which to keep my yarn. I had yarn stashed away in mis-matched baskets scattered around the house in closets, the guest bedroom, and in the living room. He selected these three baskets with lids from Pottery Barn. They’re perfect for hiding, I mean organizing my yarn.

I use this hand-woven basket we brought back from Oaxaca, Mexico for corralling knitting-related items.

I still have some random baskets. This small round one is from Morocco and is probably meant to hold bread but I keep pretty fiber in it.

I wonder if yarn is covered under my homeowner’s policy?

64 thoughts on “16,112 yards of yarn

  1. Doesn’t it seem so natural for yarn to be in baskets? I have a couple of those plastic boxes, plus a bunch of baskets, and the plastic boxes always seem wrong and ugly. The organic-ness of the baskets is just the right thing for yarn. Especially hand spun. Love that you counted the mileage!

  2. it doesn’t seem an immoderate amount, but then again my cloth stash fills a bedroom.

    the baskets look lovely, but I hope you’ve lined them with something to keep the moths out

  3. Mine is also in plastic tubs, but I live in the tropics, so as much as I love the look of baskets it wouldn’t be practical for me.

    You have some really pretty yarn and fibre in your stash.

    1. Makes sense to use the plastic tubs in that climate. I used to have a plastic cart (on wheels) with 4 drawers. I kept my yarn, needles and WIPs in it. It was handy because I could wheel the whole thing along from room to room and could see the contents from the outside. Now that I have a dedicated space, the baskets work nicely.

  4. I love the way you’ve stored your yarn. I’ve only just started my own little collection, and I’m only buying cheap ones at the moment, but I can see it becoming a hobby in itself! Well I don’t collect shoes or handbags, so yarn can’t be that bad, can it? 🙂

  5. They’re beautiful baskets for beautiful yarn. The figures are kinda scary aren’t they?! I would reckon that if you have contents insurance and you have yarn in your contents then it’s covered. Another good (but frightening) reason to know exactly what’s in your stash, I guess! 🙂

  6. Beautiful collection and I too love baskets for yarn. I have my yarn stored in fabric style containers on shelves – keeps me organized and keeps the dust away from the yarn. But I do have quite a bit of handspun on display in baskets – it just looks so pretty that way 🙂

  7. Firstly thanks for liking my post on my first granny rug. I love your wool stash, especially the colours and your baskets. There is something so natural about cane baskets and wool. They just go together. I buy cane baskets from my travels too ,as they are a great reminder of my trip. I am intrigrued with the handiwork of the local women who made them. Storing craft items in them is a great meshing of cultures.

    1. I love the color combinations you are using. It will give a traditional afghan a modern feel.

      I agree with your sentiment about baskets woven in different places. I love the look of the store-bought baskets but will never part with the woven one from Oaxaca and the small Morrocan one.

  8. I too love the baskets , so pretty. Mine is stashed in a pine chest, oh and on the floor in a large brown bag cos the chest got too full!

  9. Your cultural baskets inspired my blog for today. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my wool stash. I have two huge cane baskets stashed with throw rugs too. Think I am bordering on being a basket a holic.

  10. Hi! Yarn always looks so much better in co-ordinated containers doesn’t it? I really love the ones you’re using i will have to keep my eyes peeled for my very own!
    Jo xx

  11. I love the mileage calculation. When my 10 year old nephew was here, he liked to wind yarn and we had to keep track of how many yards so we could add it up into miles. He got a great sense of accomplishment and I got lots of yarn wound. Sadly, my stash is not as nicely organized as yours.

  12. Wow, that’s a nice stash! I also like your organised yarn…I do have baskets but not as big as yours, I think that might be the solution haha.

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