What are your favorite knitting apps?

After organizing my yarn and taking inventory, I entered my stash into my Vogue Knitting app.

The app is simple to use and well-organized with sections for Projects, Needles, Hooks, and Yarn. I often refer to the needle listing to avoid buying duplicates.

The yarn listing is helpful to determine if I have the right gauge and quantity of yarn for projects. I also like that I can track progress on my WIPs using the electronic row counters in the Projects section.

My one concern is that this app is not very stable. It often shuts down in the middle of searching my inventory or entering new items. The app goes for $3.99 which is not a lot but then most apps are either free or sell for only 99¢. I submitted a review for the app with these concerns and read that others are experiencing the same problem. I hope they fix it soon.

What knitting or crocheting apps do you use?

My Review ★★☆☆☆

36 thoughts on “What are your favorite knitting apps?

  1. I like KnitCounter for WIPs. It’s a great row counter app where you can link several counters (total rows, row in lace chart, # of times decreased) and add alerts for increasing, decreasing, etc. They’re very pro-active with questions and concerns too.

    I’m still looking for a good app to link to my ravelry notebook. I’d hate to enter my needles & hooks, yarns, and projects in more than one place and no app can do what ravelry does. Right now, I have Wooly to link to my ravelry projects. but it’s not yet interactive enough to suit my needs. they have big plans, though, so we’ll see in time.

    1. That’s what I want to avoid as well, having to enter information in multiple apps or online services. I don’t use Ravelry much other than to look for patterns. Never heard of Wooly so will look into it. Thanks!

    2. I have Wooly too. It’s a great way to access by projects and queue, but I wish I was able to access my favorites or to do pattern searches.

  2. Gosh, I didn’t know of such things. I just have a set of knitting needles so know I have what I need and I buy wool to go with a project. And as for keeping track of the pattern as I knit I use the back of an old envelope or other scrap paper! I must sound very old fashioned and low tech!

    1. I also have a nifty counter that makes a satisfying “click” for each row. But it is handy to use the app and reduce the amount of stuff I have to keep track of. I don’t know that I can ever completely wean myself off paper!

  3. Hi, I had blogged a bit ago that I like the Vogue app. I was using a different stitch counter, but decided I like Vogue’s better. I bought it when it was $4.99! Dang! Should have waited. 😎

  4. Alas, I am not an app uses. I’ve had my iphone for years and just have not gotten into “apps” at all. I love my paper planner and a really sharp pencil.

    1. Seems like alot of people are using Ravelry. I use it to a small degree. Most of the time I can’t remember my user ID or password. I’ll have to spend a little more time on it.

  5. Add me to the list of low-tech knitters. I just use whatever notebook is handy to keep track of WIPs. I do have lots of different colored pens though….

    1. I used to love those fat pens that have 4 different ink cartridges inside – blue, black, green and red. Know which ones I mean? I loved using all the colors but drove people crazy with all the clicking!

  6. I have an android phone and the only app I use is the free version of Click Counter which is a simple app that lets me track the number of rows in a project. My only bug bear is that the screen often goes to sleep so it’s a faff to put in my security code – not an app issue more a phone one! I need to get something that can do multiple projects but like others here, find paper is the easiest esp when I can just pin my count to the project and I’m good to go.

  7. I use a time management app called Office Time Lite to track the time I spend on each project. It’s free for one or two projects and that’s been good enough for me so far, as I’ve been trying to finish things before starting another.

  8. I’ve used Knit Companion, which is really pricy but a great app if you do complex lace projects. You can set up your charts to highlight the row you’re on and give audible alerts. I think there are 4 counters. It’s pretty awesome but high a steep learning curve.
    I’ve also used Yarma for importing pictures into Ravelry. It’s kinda handy but I’m not sure it’s necessary.
    Ive used some row counter apps but haven’t loved them. I’ve been considering Knit Handy by Interweave for calculating yardage, at $0.99 I will probably go for it. Has anyone else used it?

    1. I am not familiar with either Knit Companion or Knit Handy and will go look them up. My challenge is finding one app that does most of what I want. The Vogue app seems to if it weren’t so unstable.

  9. my knitting folder on my iphone has the knitting daily app, knit minder, knittinghelp, knit, etsy, sleepyeyes, wooly, ravelry mobile site, and a ruler app.

    Knitting daily has videos and blogs which can be useful.
    Knit minder does the same sort of thing as your vogue app, it stores projects, patterns, yarn, and needles. But I found it was really clunky to enter project information into, and have stopped using it once I found ravelry (here’s a post I wrote about it when I was a very naive knitter http://polkadotsandsparkles.com/2011/07/01/yarn-shopping/)
    Knitting help takes up about 400mb but it contains videos for a lot of different techniques. I still pull it out whenever I knit socks and forget how to w&t. Very useful if you’re a visual learner.
    Knit is a counter which has separate row and stich counts.
    Etsy is where I spend money on yarn
    Sleepyeyes is a pattern app which I’ve never knitted anything form but have the best intentions
    Wooly connects to ravelry and I try to keep my projects up to date.
    The ravelry mobile site is pretty useful, but I still visit the full site most often.
    And I am always surprised how often I use the ruler app. Obviously it’s only the size of an iphone but it still comes in handy.

    I also use ibooks and instapaper to keep track of patterns. Ibooks for pdfs (most of which I download from ravelry), and instapaper for those which are just websites (eg knitty).
    I know other knitters who like other apps because they can write on them? But I don’t scribble on patterns. I generally keep notes on my blog and have been known to search my own blog for information.

    (wow i just started typing and a bit more came out than i thought!)

    yes I’m a techy knitter

      1. In the past 12 months, there were 56 reviews worldwide, and 30 of them with 5 stars .. the average rating in the US is currently 3.5 stars .. as it is free for trial, I encourage you to try it out by yourself 🙂

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