Nangellini’s in Philadelphia

As many knitters do, I like to buy yarn from places I visit. More than a postcard, it helps me remember a certain place. When possible, I buy local – fibers from local farms, hand-spun, locally-dyed yarns. In a short Sunday afternoon, I made a beeline to Nangellini’s on the hip and quirky South Street in Philly. These are my souvenirs.

Super Something Hand Spun, by Nancy’s Custom Spinning (that would be Nancy, the owner). Made from strands of Merino and a Merino, Mohair, Silk combo plied together; 90 yards, 146 grams, 5.14 ounces. Nancy has a special bartering arrangement with a local dyer. Nancy spins, the dyer dyes and they each keep half of the fiber.

Nangellini’s Best.Batts.Ever are made from fine fibers including Merino, Mohair and Silk with a little Firestar for that hint of sparkle.

This is Nancy, owner, spinner, knitter and overall cool person. She explained that “Nangellini” was a childhood endearment her father used for her. When I asked if I could snap a photo, she agreed and grabbed that skein of hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn for the occasion. (I almost bought that skein). If I lived in Philly, my needles and I would hang out at Nangellini’s.

My memories of Philadelphia will include Independence Hall where the Constitution of the United States was signed, the Liberty Bell with its famous crack, workshops on leadership at the Wharton School at UPenn, a visit to Gettysburg, and yarn from Nangellini’s.

31 thoughts on “Nangellini’s in Philadelphia

    1. I want to wear it where it’s highly visible, like a scarf. Those colors will brighten up any cool day.

    1. The second room, where the picture is taken, is small but packed with yarn. The bottom floor has her knitted hats, more yarn, cool tapestries on the wall and a small sitting area. It’s not huge but every nook has cool stuff.

  1. Wow, what a fiesta of colors! Even that skein of yarn is a rainbow in and of itself, but then her whole shop and her person adds even more. I’ll have to visit when I’m in Philly.

    1. I liked it over the more standard department store looking kind of yarn store. This one is brimming with personality!

    1. I enjoyed her shop and her customers were very friendly and we all started chatting. It’s cozy but overflowing with nice yarns, both major brands and handspun.

  2. Hm, you’ve been visiting my former city. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a knitter back then. Next trip home I am going to have to make a stop there!

  3. This shop looks like heaven! There was a Patricia Roberts store in Melbourne in the 80s which is the only thing that could match the impression you give of Nangellini’s! After making some purchases I said to the saleswoman “I’ll see you in my dreams” and she gave me a very strange look….didn’t really understand how nuts I was about yarns and patterns.

  4. The colors are amazing, I especially love the unspun fiber in those ethereal colors. I’m in Baltimore. Makes me want to venture up that way and check it out!

    1. isn’t that fiber amazing?! Maybe that’s what I need to do with that frail silk skein… mix it with merino and mohair like the top I bought at Nangellini’s! If you ever get a chance to visit Nangellini’s, do so – you will not regret it. I will return if i am ever in Philly again.

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