Funky Retro Beehive Hat

Remember the hand-spun I picked up in Philadelphia? I was eager to knit something with it. Since I only had 90 yards of it, I bought a complementary yarn to avoid running out.

Yarn for Funky Retro Knit Hat

This lovely teal is a 60% merino, 40% cotton blend from Juniper Moon Farm.

Hollow Yarn Ball

Knit Hat in Progress

I searched all over Ravelry, Etsy and other sites for a slouchy hat pattern. It’s amazing how many hundreds of patterns are out there and how hard it is to pick just the right one. This is my inspiration hat. I didn’t realize until half-way through that I could have bought the pattern. Mine is improvised.

Beehive Hat

It turned out like a funky ’70s throwback! Here is Bear modeling it for us.

Bear modeling beehive hat

Top of Beehive HatNow all I need is a drop in the thermostat and I’m set.

25 thoughts on “Funky Retro Beehive Hat

  1. What a great slouchy hat 🙂 Beautiful yarn and colours too.

    Must add to my (ever growing) queue of projects…

  2. This is such a great idea. I’ve been eyeing a multi-color handspun in our local yarn shop, but it’s a) intense in its color variety b) pricey of course, since someone spent serious amount of time and skill to make it. But if I buy a more subdued yarn to complement it, it could become something really lovely and interesting without being overwhelming.

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