Of Festivals, Knitting and Migraines

Here is a pictorial view of an otherwise wonderful weekend. It started off with yarn purchases. Now how can that not put a smile on anyone’s face? There are a couple of hand warmer requests in my knitting queue – one pair is for the husband. I tried the yarn stash first but didn’t have any masculine colors. I wanted a nice dark gray/charcoal color. Then I found this black-gray-white multi-ply in the gauge I needed. It’s Heritage Quatro by Cascade Yarns and I should be able to make two pairs of hand warmers from this hank. As I was searching in bin after bin of yarn, I found this luscious Squishy by Anzula in Teal and knew it was meant for me. The explosion of miniature roses came from the husband. Of course, I will knit him a pair of hand warmers.

On Sunday, we all took off to the annual Fall Fiesta put on by our church and school. My son attended this wonderful school up through 8th grade. It’s amazing to see all those little boys and girls my son went to elementary school with becoming young men and women. My son and his friend each devoured a humongous turkey leg, while my husband and I stood in line for the funnel cakes. There were fajitas with pico de gallo, empanadas, and meatball subs. There was live music, pony rides for the little ones, and all sorts of carnival rides and games. The smaller kids love buying cartons of cascarones and popping them on each other’s heads. There was confetti everywhere!

My favorite festival booth is Vintage Values. It’s basically a huge garage sale. You never know what treasures one will find. I found this cute little silver sugar bowl. Engraved on the bottom is a crown with the numbers 18 and 83 on each side. I looked it up and learned it was produced by the F.B. Rogers Silver Co. which was established in Massachusetts in 1883. I also picked up a $1 bag of wooden nutcracker Christmas ornaments and this little tea towel with a sheep decked out for the holidays.

I gave the sugar bowl a quick polish at home. It still needs a little more elbow grease but I like it.

Despite a lovely weekend, I had a migraine on Saturday that kept me up half the night. I’ve had migraines since I was a teenager. I can be in a room without windows and can tell you if the day is overcast and whether it’s going to rain with startling accuracy. I usually work my way through the migraine but sometimes they do get the best of me. Last night, after tossing in bed from the pain, I made my way to the living room and started knitting. I had gone through all my tried-and-true home remedies and had even succumbed to medication, but still it persisted. Something about the soothing rhythm of the needles made me forget about the pain. I knit several rows of a blanket I am making in garter stitch, which those who knit know is a somewhat boring endeavor. But it’s just what I needed at 1:33 in the morning. After a while, I looked up and realized the headache was gone. I slipped into bed and fell asleep.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone.

37 thoughts on “Of Festivals, Knitting and Migraines

  1. Lovely finds at the fiesta and thank you for showing them to us. I too get migraines, with aura, so I sympathise. They are just awful aren’t they! So glad your knitting helped you.

    1. Ugh they are awful. I can usually tell when one’s coming and can sometimes minimize it or avert it completely but I have to act fast. I avoid medication as much as possible.

      Enough about headaches. We had a great time and I love my little finds!

  2. Another migraine sufferer here. I have never tried knitting with one, I might have to try that.

    The wool looks lovely, especially the teal. I love combining teal with purple, I seem to gravitate to those colours. Glad your migraine didn’t upset your weekend.

    1. I’ve certainly learned to cope with them. If I didn’t, I would have become a recluse and stayed in dark rooms. Sigh. But life goes on! Teal with purple? I like …

  3. Congratulations on the victory over the migraine – I consider knitting my “non-prescription valium”, but have never tried it as a migraine solution. (Hoping not to get an opportunity…)
    I also love that tea-towel – whimsy!

    1. I hope you don’t either! I did have fun although the day after a bad migraine I usually feel “woozy.” The tea towel needs to be washed and ironed but there were no stains or tears, just a cute funny towel.

  4. Loving your wool discovering, my favourite is the teal. Divine. Sorry to hear you had a migraine but thankfully it didn’t spoil your weekend too much. Have you ever tried magnesium powder for your migraine?

    1. You should see the booth (it’s actually a huge room)! My son helped pick up donations one weekend so I got a little peek into the goodies. I got there early but still saw many people walking away with bags full of stuff. It was fun!

  5. Oof, migraines, I know how those go :/ Mine seem to have become less frequent since becoming a vegetarian almost four years ago but I do still have to battle them on occasion and it’s never fun.

    It looks like you had a blast of a weekend, that sugar bowl is too cute!

    1. Interesting but not surprising that a change in diet affected your migraines. When I feel them coming, I stay away from certain food triggers like red meat and cheese. And I don’t drink red wines – it’s like drinking a headache!

      I did have a good time. I wasn’t going to miss this annual festival because of the headache.

  6. Knitting can really soothe the soul.

    I love your finds! I saw a teapot and a bowl just like that sugar dish at a local secondhand store. I wanted to pick them up so badly. But I was trying to remain on task, looking for pots to dye in when the mood strikes. At least one of us got a beauty. 🙂

  7. Hi!! Your finds are really nice looking. I like what you said about the kids growing up that you have known since they were small…I’m like that too. About migraines sometimes its because of the food you eat or the stress in your life, thank God I don’t get them anymore..

    1. It is a wonderful school and I love events like this that bring everyone together. On the migraines, I don’t have too much stress in my life (life is good) and I am careful about foods. But something about the weather really gets me. Too bad I can’t control that!

  8. OK, I admit it. I came to check out your blog, because you came to mine. I had a great time and will follow it from now on. I have had an on and off relationship with knitting since my grandmother, (a voracious knitter) hooked me up as a child. Over the years my mom, who recently passed away, continued to encourage my efforts. Now, I am back, and loving it. The colors in your gravatar are gorgeous. Glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to learning new things along the way. Glad your migraine dissolved. Beth

    1. Glad you stopped by! I’m sorry about your mom. Your posts about your memories of her are very touching. Knitting reminds me most of my grandmother whom I would spend hours with while she crocheted bedcovers and afghans. My mom always says I look like her with my balls of yarn.

      1. sooo cool that you have that image. It is a great way to stay connected to the ancients. Thanks for your kindness. Working on a new knitting project – the yarn is soooo beautiful that I have to keep stopping to admire the piece. My friend bought the yarn for me to knit her a scarf. Knitting therapy woohooo.

  9. I have just discovered your blog, I will be here for a bit reading back I think!

    I have to say, I always have a garter stitch pattern on the needles, as I can do it with my eyes closed, and it really helps with getting through my migraines. (Or the nasty side effects of taking my migraine meds)

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