36 thoughts on “Yarn Cakes

  1. Ok, I may be being really stupid here but, are they real cakes? As in actual cakes you can eat? If they are then they look absolutely AMAZING!!!

    If they’re not, well then, I was only joking I totally knew they weren’t real cakes… :-s

  2. It is lovely to see these bundles of yarn masquerading as food! Remember when there were lots of shops selling yarns and threads and fabrics? It was almost like a feast. Your post reminds me of the pleasure of dreaming in those shops. Nice one, thanks Veronica.

  3. Hi there – thank you so much for the like on my post – much appreciated. I look forward to keeping up with your posts – yarn cakes, very appropriate – I usually find that when I knit or crochet I am in a world of my own and I forget all about the sweet stuff!

  4. This post gives me an idea: Someday, somewhere, someone should organize a conference that is focused on knitting and dessert. I think coffee could be thrown in for good measure.

  5. I have a large apothecary jar just waiting to be filled! Now I know what to put in it. Thank you for the inspiration!

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