Award Winning Quilts

This is the second year of enjoying the breathtaking artistry of quilts at the International Quilt Festival Houston 2012. It was like seeing works of art at a museum. It was sometimes hard to believe that what I was seeing was actually pieces of fabric. My camera loved the quilts so there are many photographs. If you can’t wait to see more, you can visit the Textile Ranger at Deep in the Heart of Textiles. She was there too although we didn’t bump into each other!

These quilts were all award winners. For a complete winner’s list and even more quilt pictures, go here.

America, Let It Shine by Sherry Reynolds, Wyoming.
The Handi Quilter® Best of Show Award.
“The 5,121 Swarovski cystals represent the words of the Constitution, Star Spangled Banner, Pledge of Allegiance and the age of the country.”
ElaTED by Ted Storm, The Netherlands.
The Founders Award.
“To challenge myself, I started with my least favorite color and fabric: brown and plaid.”
Hot Africa by Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga, The Netherlands.
The World of Beauty Award.
“I was in Kenya during the dry season, took this photograph, and made a quilt of this impressive moment.”
Crème de la Crème by Bonnie Keller, Chehalis, Washington.
Award for Traditional Artistry.
“I put the vibrant green Morris reproduction backing fabric with the right side facing inward in order for it to shadow through to the front, creating a subtle grayed background.”
Fiesta Mexico by Karen Kay Buckley and Rena Haddadin, Pennsylvania.
Master Award for Innovative Artistry.
“The original appliqué and quilting designs were inspired by the bright colors in Mexican pottery and flora.”

More quilt pictures coming soon.

33 thoughts on “Award Winning Quilts

  1. Wow. Quilts are so impressive in general; these are amazing. I can’t even imagine the work and skill that went into making one of these quilts.

    1. I’m so glad I went. It was such a treat. I was actually being a little lazy hanging out at home with no specific plans and just decided to go. For some reason, neither my husband or either o the two teenage boys wanted to go with …?

      1. That’s the best kind of exercise. Strolling down each isle of quilts seeing more than you can possibly take in, stopping to take more pictures than you can possibly display. (That’s what I do anyway!) I am so amazed at what people can do. I wonder what THEY do at quilt shows? I go home and make brain struggles to picture squares turning into anything but more squares. So continue to share your wealth of pictures and I will continue to admire!!!

  2. just, wow, These are stunning. I tried quilting a couple of times in my life, and I got just as far that I can appreciate the time and skill that went into creating these,

    1. I can’t either. It also amazes me how you have to compose the idea in your mind, perhaps sketch it out, pick the fabrics and arrange them just so. Amazing.

      1. I couldn’t get the squares and triangles to match up perfectly. Consequently I have a rather ‘interesting’ and ‘uniquely abstract’ design!!!

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