More Fabulous Quilts

More quilted beauties from the International Quilt Festival Houston 2012.

Flora …

Pink Snow by Vivian A. Kapusta, Canada.
Papaver Somniferum by Grace Meijer, United Kingdom.
Award of Merit.
The Button Box by Rebecca Navarro, Texas.
Detail of tree branch covered in button flowers.
Leaf Like Life by Dalia Eliraz, Israel.
Workmanship Trophy.

… and Fauna

Rainbow Lorikeet by Helen Godden, Australia.
Honorable Mention – Art Painted Surface.
Show Your Colors; Stand Out From the Crowd by Kristin Vierra, Nebraska.

Home Sweet Home

Berne House Quilt. Made by members of the Bernese Quilters in Switzerland. 150 different blocks were made separately and then put together.
Colores by Michelle Jackson, New Mexico. The quilter was inspired by a photo of an old adobe house in New Mexico.
Lazy Afternoon by Michelle Jackson, New Mexico. “I love the character of older homes. This one was inspired by a photo of a house taken in Madrid, New Mexico, as it basks in the afternoon sun.”
The Jennings Homestead by Suzanne Mouton Riggio and 26 members of the Milwaukee Art Quilters, Wisconsin. “… a group of 40 artists, have been meeting for over ten years in the business space [of the homeowners]. In gratitude … the group made a slice quilt of their Victorian home.”
Tutti Frutti Village by Susan Bleiweiss, Massachusetts.
Honorable Mention – Art Whimsical.
The quilter used hand-dyed sandwashed cotton.

What’s black and white and red all over?

Lady Dova by Deborah Stanley, California. Inspired by the horse race scene from My Fair Lady.
Searching for Coco Chanel by Teresa Shippy, California.
The Red Shoes by Linda Stone, California.
Flamenco by Jin Gook Yang, Korea.
Wrath by Dianne Firth, Australia.
“…wrath can be used to describe the uncontrollable forces of nature that wreak havoc on humankind through fire, flood, cyclones and other disasters.”
Convergence by Latifah Saafir, California. “‘Convergence’ is about coming together and meeting at a common point; but, it is also about approaching limits.”

Peace Quilts

The Rainbow Staircase by Nairn Stewart, Canada. “The individual steps, which are high relative to the size of the figures, represent the obstacles which threaten women’s security.”
Let the Sunshine In by Anna Hergert, Canada. “The collective spirit empowers women around the world, whether rich or poor, covered or uncovered, old or young, oppressed or free, no matter what our skin color or spiritual convictions.”

28 thoughts on “More Fabulous Quilts

  1. I saw some of these, not all, and I didn’t take pictures of any of them! It’s interesting to see that we were drawn to different things – or else you just took way more pictures than I did! 馃檪

      1. I like non-traditional better, I think, although I respect the quality of craftsmanship in traditional. But I didn’t take too many pictures of pictorial quilts – I went for all the abstract and geometric ones. They’re the ones that really grabbed me – this time. Another day might be different!

    1. It was one of the first quilts I saw and loved it. I like the story that inspired it for you, the pink cherry blossoms falling on the ground. Your quilt captures it beautifully. I am so pleased you stopped by my blog. I was truly in awe of the amazing quilts I saw at the festival.

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