Among the Azaleas

Believe it or not, Spring is almost here. Every March, the Azalea Trail takes Houstonians on a tour of homes whose gardens overflow with pink and white azaleas. Luckily, the former owners of our home planted a few azalea bushes in the backyard.

Hot Pink Azaleas

White Azaleas

The sunny weather prompted the husband and I to make a quick trip to Austin, just the two of us. You know it’s love because our first stop was Hill Country Weavers, my favorite Austin yarn shop. The place had expanded since I was last there with an additional two rooms overflowing with yarn. I picked up these lovelies – 300 meters each of 67% silk, 23% kid mohair, 10% nylon yarn by Hand Maiden. It is hand dyed in Canada.


Here’s a glimpse of it catching some rays among the azaleas.


I honed in on this pattern from Malabrigo Book 3. The pattern calls for Malabrigo sock yarn with a gauge of 24 stitches over 4 inches. The gauge for the Hand Maiden yarn is 20 stitches over 4 inches. This should result in a larger shawl which is what I would like. I’ll definitely knit a gauge swatch before casting on.



Here is one more view of those colorful azaleas. And there are still buds waiting to bloom.

Azalea Buds

29 thoughts on “Among the Azaleas

  1. Azaleas are such wonderful flowers. Ours don’t bloom until June but they are worth the wait.

  2. The azaleas have exploded all over my little southern Mississippi town, as well. But, I haven’t seen any white. Ours seem to run from pale pink to positively crimson. In the yards, in the woods, on the side of the road, growing wild everywhere you look. It’s quite breathtaking.

  3. I can’t wait to see your shawl! The pattern looks beautiful!
    Oh.. and we have little daffodil sprouts shivering in our 30 degree weather.. so jealous!

  4. We have azaleas here in the Pacific NW, too, and they are so bright and cheerful set against the often gray days of springtime. I love them. Great photos!

      1. I love azaleas! When I lived in Oregon and Washington, they were amazing. Here in Central California, they are gorgeous in the nurseries, but I’ve never seen pretty ones in people’s yards. I hope you post your knitting project as well. The yarn is beautiful! 🙂

  5. Beautiful flowers and the yarn is lovely! I think it will be interesting to see how the subtle variations in colors knits up in your shawl. Happy knitting!

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