A Little Something for Mom

Remember this yarn that I picked up almost one and a half years ago at Yarnivore in San Antonio, Texas?


It didn’t have a good beginning. My attempt to wind it into a ball became a tangled mess. But I finally finished it after a few plane rides. I followed the Sakkie Knit Ruffle Scarf pattern written by the yarn store owner. This is how it looked fresh off the needles.

Sakkie FO 1

Sakkie FO 2

Some blocking was definitely in order to lay out the ruffles.

Sakkie FO Blocking 1 Sakkie FO Blocking 2

It straightened out quite nicely. Here are front and back views.

Sakkie Knit Ruffle Scarf Front
Sakkie Knit Ruffle Scarf Back

My mom picked the pattern. I plan to take it to her when I see her for Thanksgiving. Hope she likes it!

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