Knitting in Comfort

Anytime I travel, besides booking a room and mapping out my route, I always look up local yarn stores. On our girl’s weekend to Fredericksburg, I found two listings that looked promising but turned into dead ends. Stonehill Spinning simply wasn’t there. In its place was a vitamin shop. I have nothing against vitamins but it was disappointing. The next shop, Things in a Room, was there on Main Street but no longer carried yarn.

But our adventure didn’t end in Fredericksburg. On our way back, we took US 87 south toward Interstate 10, which took us through Comfort, Texas. There, on a balmy Sunday afternoon, was The Tinsmith’s Wife.

The Tinsmith's Wife - Interior

Located in the historic downtown, The Tinsmith’s Wife fills six large rooms with beautiful, colorful, exquisite yarn. There is one room with a large table for sitting and knitting. Other sitting areas are scattered throughout. This one was my favorite. Can you imagine sitting there, knitting in comfort and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face?

The Tinsmith's Wife - Sitting Area

Then there was the yarn.

The Tinsmith's Wife - Yarn 1

The Tinsmith's Wife - Yarn 2

Feeling light-headed yet?

The Tinsmith's Wife - Yarn 3

The Tinsmith's Wife - Yarn 4

You should have seen my mother and my aunt. They behaved like giddy school girls trying on the sample knits and choosing the yarns they wanted so that I could knit shawls, scarves and sweaters for them. Clearly they forgot that I actually do have a day job and do not, as much as I would like, spend all my days knitting.

The Tinsmith's Wife - Yarn 5

The Tinsmith's Wife - Yarn 6

Wendy, the owner, was lovely and helpful. She let me know that The Tinsmith’s Wife is a stop along the 2014 Hill Country Yarn Crawl. The dates are already on my calendar.

2014 Hill Country Yarn Crawl Logo

25 thoughts on “Knitting in Comfort

  1. Oh, I love the Tinsmith’s Wife! One of the best yarn stores I’ve visited in Texas. Makes me miss our time in San Antonio. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi. I just saw that you ‘liked’ a post on my blog and so I ambled over to take a look at yours. I love it. I am not a knitter but my daughter is and I follow her to yarn stores, yarn crawls and to a huge wool festival in NY every Oct. We live in NJ. Hope you don’t mind if I give you the link to her website where she reviews knitting books. She’s also a spinner. I am her biggest fan 🙂
    Thank you for dropping in on my website.

  3. That looks like the most amazing place! Most independent yarn shops in Scotland are far smaller – not that small can’t be wonderful too. It’s maybe as well that I don’t live anywhere near such an emporium.

    1. I was delighted at how large it was! It’s in an old building with beautiful wood floors and a porch outside. The town is quite small (a bit over 2,000 people). But absolutely worth the trip.

  4. Such a treasure trove of fibers! I wish there was a yarn store close to where I live. I could spend hours in a shop like The Tinsmiths Wife.

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