Frail Silk

On a weekend trip to San Antonio with my son, I managed a detour to Inskein Yarns. Inskein Yarns is located in a strip mall on a busy street. It is very small and does not have a huge selection. Despite its tiny size, there were 7-8 women huddled into a circle taking a knitting class.

They didn’t have any unique yarns but I found this skein of Maharashtra Silk which has 800 yards of 100% pure silk.

Maharashtra Silk 1

I liked the greens and purples and the yarn has a nice feel and sheen. Unfortunately, as I wound the skein into a ball, the yarn continuously fell apart. The single-ply was too frail, as if it had been spun too loosely.

The only thing I can think of to salvage it is to ply it with another fingering weight yarn. Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “Frail Silk

  1. heartbreaking!! It is so lovely. Yes, you could ply it with something else, but you could also get in touch with the store to see what they can suggest. Perhaps it is a bad skein? But if not, they will want to know, so they are aware of the problems.

    1. I agree! I don’t think a skein of yarn should be falling apart. Maybe they will have another one, or a suggestion for how to handle the yarn. Good luck! It must have a lovely feel.

      1. I wouldn’t mind so much if it hadn’t been expensive – over $20, which is a lot to me. I was envisioning a scarf with a lovely drape. I’ll let you know if I hear back from the store.

    2. Thank you for your suggestion. I sent a note to the store with a photo of all the loose pieces of yarn that fell apart. I haven’t heard back yet but hoping they will respond.

  2. Sounds like it needs something like wool or mohair added to it– either would help the fibers “stick” to each other, rather than pull apart. And I also agree that the first thing to do is let the shop know. I used to own a yarn shop (and still sell yarn online), and I always want to know if a customer has a problem with my products. It is lovely yarn– good luck!

    1. I have some fibers that I’ve been itching to spin. I may have some in a nice color that will go with the purples and greens, or I can always dye it. If I don’t hear back from the store, i will have to try plying it with something a bit stronger.

    1. I did hear back from the store. They said they would ask the distributor about it. Hoping they can replace it or I fear it will sit in my stash and never get used.

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