Crazy for Knitted Socks

Shortly after the holidays, I bound off a couple of pairs of knitted socks. Who thought making socks would be so exciting? For the first set, I used the popular Monkey Sock pattern by Cookie A. I understand why so many knitters use this sock pattern. It is easy and produces a sock with interesting undulations.

Monkey Socks - After Blocking

For the yarn, I used the skein I bought at Seaport Yarn in New York City. I really loved the purples and blues mingled together. When I was done, they badly needed some blocking.

Monkey Socks w. Aussie Sock by Oasis Yarn

I looked all over the web for a pair of sock blockers and found several good candidates, but frankly, didn’t want to spend the money. So I made my own! After perusing several “how-to” articles, I settled on How to Make Your Own Sock Blockers. The instructions were clearly laid out and the materials easy to find – placemats from the dollar store!

Sock Blocker Template

After cutting them to size, I used a hole puncher and some leftover yarn to tie a loop so I could hang them up to air dry. The tops of the blockers are a bit topsy-turvy but they did the trick.

Monkey Socks - Blocking

The pattern is more visible after blocking.

Monkey Socks - Folded

For the next pair, I wanted to use a self-striping yarn. This bright red, yellow and black yarn is from the Yarn Barn, which I posted about recently.

Heritage Prints by Cascade Yarns from Yarn Barn

Heritage Prints - Ball of Yarn

I wanted a simple stockinette stitch pattern to showcase the self-striping yarn and found Susan B. Anderson’s sock pattern.

Stockinette Socks in Progress

They are a perfect fit!



There’s a third pair of socks that I need to finish and another pair on the needles. I have gone sock raving mad!

25 thoughts on “Crazy for Knitted Socks

  1. I thought a sock is a sock and didn’t realise that there are so many sock patterns out there but come to think of it, why not? I am struggling with my first sock as you know and right now cannot imagine that sock knitting can become addictive. You’re a fabulous knitter.

    1. Thanks so much! My first attempt at socks bombed. I didn’t try again for years and recently gave it another go. Now I’m hooked! It will get easier.

      1. They were so easy to make! I bought two placements so I could make another set in a different size for the hubby’s feet. I definitely like the surprise of self-striping yarn.

  2. Thrilling to read about your sock adventures Veronica. I love the way the stripes work into the stitches, and how cleverly the stripes turned out for the final pair. Almost looks like fair isle! Great to see you again, sorry it has been so long. Philippa

    1. I was also pleasantly surprised with how nicely the striping evolved. Took at look at your latest paintings – lovely seascapes. So glad you stopped by!

  3. The one thing I have learned about sock knitting actually has nothing to do with the sock. lol. Its just that it is so very addictive. Once you have a pair, or two, you always seem to have a pair on the needles, buying sock yarn, and planning your next pair of socks.
    Gorgeous stripey socks, they are stunning.
    Happy sock knitting. 🙂

  4. Love your sock post! I’m teaching a sock class right now. Lots of newbies. And they get so excited when they get that heel cup! Very satisfying! Can’t stop knitting socks!

  5. I have just started knitting socks as well. Younger knitters are all crazy for socks and they always seemed so complicated to me. I knit a lot of baby patterns and I can practically do them in my sleep. So after I started a blog several people who follow me that were all in their 20s were knitting socks. I decided to give it a try and started with baby socks (shock) and now I’m onto the real thing. I love the picture of socks that you have on this post.

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