Yarn in the City

I only had a couple of days in New York City and had little hopes of finding yarn, but yarn I found. I googled “yarn” and Seaport Yarn came up only a few blocks from my hotel. You really have to be looking for it. The shop is on the fourth floor of a large building. You walk in through a nondescript door at street-level and walk or take the elevator upstairs. It’s not a very inviting entry area, even a little scary. Not the kind of place that will get street traffic. Once inside though, the place was bursting with yarn. There were cubbies of yarn practically floor to ceiling.

Seaport Yarn 1

I was the only customer and was able to take my time looking through all the inventory. The proprietor, Tom, was a kind gentleman who seemed to know his yarn. He was very sweet and was watching the shop for his wife. He had spent so much time around yarn and knitters that he was quite knowledgeable about the brands and fibers. Since it was just him and me, we had a lively conversation as I walked around sampling the yarn.

Seaport Yarn 2

I have been on a sock kick of late. For years, I have avoided knitting socks. Not being a patient person, the idea of finishing a project only to have to start all over seemed exasperating. But recently, I saw a photo of a knitter’s sock drawer. It was filled with socks in many colors. I was so entranced that I had to start a pair so I spent quite a bit of time in the sock yarn cubbies. There were a number of options and I finally settled on this Aussie Sock by Oasis Yarn. It’s 400 yards of a fingering weight merino blend called “Blue Dream.”

Seaport Yarn - Oasis Aussie Sock

I selected this sock yarn by Malabrigo for my husband. The skein has 440 yards of fingering weight yarn in subtle greens and browns called Primavera. Primavera means “Spring.” In my opinion, a more appropriate name would have been Otoño or “Fall.” But it’s still a very nice yarn.

Seaport Yarn - Malabrigo Sock

As I paid for my skeins, the proprietor threw in this handy measuring tape and fun pen. I think the funky hair is meant to dust small areas, like a keyboard. While I was happy with my purchases and the great customer service, I did find the store a bit messy. There wasn’t a clear surface anywhere and no place to sit (other than an old couch). It’s not the kind of yarn store where you can take your knitting and sit for a spell but it does have a good selection.

Seaport Yarn - Giveaways

That blue dream skein is already on my needles and I’m almost done with my first sock. I’m enjoying the process more than I thought I would!

Seaport Yarn - Sock in Progress

Seaport Yarn is located in the Financial District at 181 Broadway, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10007, tel. 212-220-5230.

11 thoughts on “Yarn in the City

  1. I know and love that store dearly but I’m with you … the entrance is somewhat scary. The first time I went in I actually thought I was in the wrong place! Their selection is definitely great but you have to be gamed to shift through all stuffed cubbie holes and storage spaces.

    Great yarn selection; I can’t wait to see those socks done. All this sock talk is making me want to finish my first pair.

    1. It is a hidden gem. Wonder how long it will be there? From reading their website, they had another location which is now closed. I’m glad there’s a yarn shop in the financial district for those rushed business trips to New York.

      1. That location has actually been there for some time and they do brisk business. They are one of the biggest vendors at Rhinebeck so I’m hoping they’ll be there for a while.

  2. Wow, what an interesting time at the Yarn store. And what a lovely bunch of goodies and yarns you got. Love it! That pen is to cute.
    Enjoy your sock knitting, I also love to knit socks. Always seem to have a pair on the needles somehow. 🙂

    1. It was fun, especially talking with Tom. Such a nice gentleman! When I told him I was from Texas he told me about some cowboy boots he had. Love it! Wishing I had time to finish that darn sock. It has been so busy lately at work that I haven’t had time for much else.

      1. We all seem to have bursts of work, that takes us away from our precious sock knitting. I had a pair that took months, was not very happy with my slow progress, but am finally done. Now just blocking. Yay!

    1. I wasn’t sure I’d find one in the downtown area. I was there on a very fast business trip and would not have had time to leave the Financial District. I have been to Purl Soho – very neat and colorful store. Liked the yarn and fabrics they carry. I did think everything was a bit expensive but that may be due to NY prices. My all-time favorite NYC yarn store has to be Habu Textiles. I blogged about them some time back: https://agujasblog.com/2012/03/18/japanese-yarns-in-the-garment-district/. Think they’ve moved since then. I’ll have to look them up.

      1. Last time I was in nyc I wasn’t quite so into knitting. I hope to visit all these stores again.

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