I dare you to go to a yarn store and not buy anything

I went to the yarn store to pick up some fiber for the ladybug. Mom went with me.

While I was perusing the fiber options, Mom saw a ruffled knit collar on display and decided I should knit it for her. She picked this yarn for it. It is called Sakkie by Plymouth Yarn. It’s a fingering weight sock yarn made in South Africa. Fiber contents: 40% wool, 40% mohair, 20% nylon.

I found this in the sales bin. My aunt, my mother’s little sister, will also soon be having surgery. Once Mom shows her the wash cloths I made for her after her surgery, my aunt will also want some. So I’m preparing. This is Pichasca by Ester Bitran. It’s a sport weight 100% cotton yarn hand-dyed in Chile.

I picked these up because they were on sale and they were pretty and you never know when you’re going to need some yellow and red yarn for something. These are Sulka by Mirasol, a worsted weight yarn made of 60% wool, 20% silk, and 20% alpaca.

This is what I went to the yarn store for in the first place. It’s a hand-dyed silky cashmerino by Frabjous Fibers. The colourway is #8 Cottage Garden and each top is 4 oz.

Go ahead. I dare you.

39 thoughts on “I dare you to go to a yarn store and not buy anything

  1. your mom and I have similar color fantasies and that top makes me think of a rose cottage. all great choices!

    1. Thanks. I intended to get only the fiber but once I started looking around, it was all over. And if Mom wants something, it goes on my list. BTW, I love your gravatar. He is so CUTE!

  2. I know I can’t do it so now I try to really make it count and not just buy the “ooooohhhhhh, pretty” yarns, but somethng that I can also use daily. It doesn’t always work, but it’s a plan. LOL

  3. It’s so hard…you go in for one thing, then you see so many others that you just have to have. Gorgeous colours. I look forward to seeing what you make with them. Don’t forget to post!

  4. My mom always falls in love with a pattern displayed in the yarn store and wants me to make it for her. It’s sweet 🙂

    Lovely yarn choices up there. And that roving is gorgeous.

  5. Nice colorways….so pretty. And no I could not go into a yarn store and not buy anything….I’m like a junkie, I need my fix 😉

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m utterly entranced by the colours of those yarns and while I’m one who probably could resist their lure, I can only say in my defence that years of necessity brought me to such a point! LOL

  7. I absolutely can’t go to a yarn shop without buying something…same goes for fabric stores, which is why i have a room full of stuff waiting to be made up.

  8. sometimes when i go to the yarn store i just stick my whole face in the cubby with the sulka in it. seriously, how could one resist. it is the softest in the world!

  9. gorgeous yarn and i am so jealous of your lady bug about to read that post because if i ever decide to go from a drop spindle to a wheel thats what i want but for now i am perfectly content with my drop spindles

  10. I have a foolproof method for not buying anything at a knitting store. Bring your husband. Not only do I feel rushed (and I make sure to never buy yarn if I’m rushed and haven’t thought through what I’m going to make with it) but also I don’t want to spend money with him standing right there unless I ABSOLUTELY want the yarn. It is difficult to overcome these conditions unless I have a yarn in mind and I go to the store for that yarn in particular.

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