Knitting EDC Kit

Admittedly, I’ve been caught up in the urban survivalist subculture. Maybe it was one episode too many of The Walking Dead. I’ve been looking at lists of Bug Out Bag essential gear and hoping I can remember everything my son learned in Cub Scouts. I think I can start a fire in a pinch but not too confident in my orienteering skills.

One item that keeps popping up are EDC kits (that’s Everyday Carry in survival lingo). There are many organizational pouches and molle back packs (pronounced like Molly, stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) in which to store survival tools just in case the world gets overrun by zombies. As someone who is a bit OCD about organization, I keep thinking of ways I can use all those velcro and elastic bands to carry my things around neatly.

The EDC kits that have really captured my attention are the small pocket-sized ones. You have to be very selective and a bit clever to carry everything you need in a discreet package. This one is one of my favorites.



I love how they reused an empty Altoids tin to house basic survival supplies including a compass, whistle, fire starters, duct tape, flashlight, water purification tablets, fishing gear, and more! At one point, I had been looking to minimize the number of knitting tools that I carried around with me, particularly for traveling. I filled an Altoids tin with some of my notions and have been using it since. This wasn’t an original idea as I’m sure I saw it somewhere online. Here are my everyday carry knitting essentials:

EDC Knitting Tools

  • Scissors – These were the hardest to find. Most foldable scissors have pointy blades which are a problem at airport security. I found these with the bright yellow handles in the baby section. They’re for cutting tiny little baby fingernails.
  • Tape measure – My solution came about serendipitously. I was at IKEA and needed to measure a piece of furniture. The paper tape measure made its way home with me. I was going to throw it out when I realized it would fit perfectly in my tin! The coiled tape measure wasn’t there originally until I dropped it and the outer plastic casing shattered. After winding it tightly, it fit quite nicely.
  • 2 stitch holders – medium and small.
  • 1 cable needle in pink.
  • 7 stitch markers in aqua and orange.
  • 1 stitch counter.
  • 2 felted point protectors in blue and tan.
  • 1 tapestry needle.
  • 2 magnets – to attach the tapestry needle to the lid.
  • 1 pen.
  • Hand cream – a knitter has to have hand cream.

You will be amazed at how much fits inside this tin! I have all the tools I need except a crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches. I couldn’t find one small enough but the cable needle and stitch holders do the trick. Here’s the tin with my notions packed inside.

Knitting EDC Kit

This little tin has replaced my previous notions travel bag. Do you have a compact way of carrying your knitting essentials?

Post-Apocalyptic Skill


30 thoughts on “Knitting EDC Kit

  1. I like the idea of a knitting kit in a tin. I got a little tin with sweets in for Christmas and I might use your idea to make a little sewing kit.

  2. I don´t have a compact way of carrying my knitting essentials, yet. But I really like the idea, so I´ll start by keeping my eyes open for a sweet little tin box … Most of all I liked your idea with the magnets in the lid.
    I keep my knittings in “knitting-aprons” (you can see how I sew them in my blog if you´re interested):

    Sincerely Ewa Svensson from Halmstad, Sweden

  3. This is wonderful. I’ve kept my knitting essentials in a box that my soap came in. Each time I opened it the scent would be glorious. But I must admit this little kit is the best idea. I received a gift from a magazine I buy. It is from England called Simply knitting. Every month they put a gift inside. This particular gift was a set of three half size crochet hooks. You could fit one of them in there perfectly. I don’t know where you get them though. Sorry.

    1. And I have always carried a small nail clipper instead of scissors. I like the baby scissors though. It would be nice sometimes to have actual scissors!

  4. You can buy mini crochet hooks which come on keyrings- you might need to search for a bit, as I’m not sure how small they are, but I would’ve thought you could find a suitably small one 🙂

  5. Oh I love this idea! Especially the little magnets for the tapestry needle. 🙂 I think I need to get an Altoids tin now. hehe Lantern Moon makes a very short repair crochet hook if you’re still looking for one.

    1. Thanks Eva. I will check out Lantern Moon. I did do a search and found some nice options on Etsy. The magnets are indispensable. They don’t take up space and I don’t have to fish around for the tapestry needle. If you make a Knitting EDC kit, be sure to share a photo!

  6. Hah, zombie survival knitting kit. No, I don’t have a travel kit myself, I usually stuff yarn and needles in a bag and go that way. My teeth function as scissors :’)

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