May FO: Array Cowl

The Array Cowl is finally done.

Array Cowl - Finished 1

The texture produced by the stitches is lovely. Even my boys commented on how nice it looked. The pattern is free at Shibui Knits.

Array Cowl - Folded

I stayed loyal to my goal of using up my stash. The pink and gray combination of wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk make this cowl soft and warm.

Here my labels are ready to go into my knitting notebook.

Array Cowl - Yarn

Another shot of Bear wearing the cowl.

Array Cowl - Finished 2

Now to find another project…

17 thoughts on “May FO: Array Cowl

  1. This looks wonderful! I love the combination of grey and pink, and the stitch pattern looks fascinating.

  2. Your teddy bear looks fantastic in that cowl. Ah well I know that’s not quite what you wanted me to say so let’s correct. ‘You will look wonderful in that gorgeous cowl that teddy is borrowing and modelling!’ So pleased you are using your stash since I am doing the same i.e. using up my stash and I need encouragement. The worst of it, I find, is that I look at what I am making and think that an extra colour would be just right in there. Off I go to the wool shop to buy another ball and when my project is finished, guess what? I end up with more stash than I started with. There is no hope for stash collectors.

  3. Lovely stash buster! Didn’t anyone ever tell your husband, she with the most stash wins?

  4. A yarn notebook, yes! My daughter has separated most of my yarns from their papers and I have no idea what belongs where. I use to wind the yarn into a ball around the paper so she couldn’t do any damage, but new skeins got attacked early, before I had the chance to wind. A yarn notebook sounds like what I need. Thank you so much for that idea 🙂

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